An application which help you manage and interconnect the information found on your PC and across the Internet
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KnowledgeWorkshop is listed in Diary/Organizers/Calendar category and made available by Learning Management Solutions for Windows. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed KnowledgeWorkshop. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
KnowledgeWorkshop review by publisher Learning Management Solutions:

What is KnowledgeWorkshop software from Learning Management Solutions, what is it used for and how to use it?

An application which help you manage and interconnect the information found on your PC and across the Internet

Here are some key features of "KnowledgeWorkshop":

· View information in a convenient and intuitive way
With its fully functional embedded Internet browser you can:
· Easily move between multiple open windows using KnowledgeWorkshop's tabbed format for displaying Internet, intranet and local files, notes, e-mails etc.
· Make the information that is important to you stand out using the permanent multicolor highlighting that you can apply within web content owned and maintained by others.
· Put annotations, task reminders and questions where they will mean the most right within the highlighted web content you need to work with.
· Eliminate messy highlighters by printing web pages with the highlighting present.
· Integrate and view discussions about topics that interest you with the fully functional news reader built into KnowledgeWorkshop.
· Structure information in a way that makes sense to you and enables you to work more effectively
· Organize information (personal files, web-sites, newsgroups, discussions, notes, e-mails) together in a manner that replicates how you think about the world, which means finding and retrieving information is intuitive and straightforward. Imagine the convenience of having all your information about a particular subject accessible from one place. Open these items with one-click!
· Think of the time you'll save not having to use file explorers to get at one type of thing, a web browswer to get something else, Microsoft Outlook to get something else, and with each tool having to figure out where the particular thing you want is stored. Integrate new information and restructure your thinking around it with KnowledgeWorkshop's drag and drop capabilities for moving information elements about.
· Create information categories that make sense to you and display information selectively within each category. Build your own navigation index based on words and phrases you select within web content. Efficiently maintain information in a single location, but have the flexibility to interconnect it anywhere in your information database by creating associations among information elements.
· Easily follow the most important relationships between information elements using KnowledgeWorkshop tools to describe and rate the strength of relationships and sort information based on this. It is also possible to have items present in multiple parts of the knowledgebase (that is, multiparenting). Such items can be opened and modified from multiple locations with changes being visible when viewed from the other locations. This is a very powerful information organization feature without incurring the overhead of content duplication, and copy maintenance.
· Build a personal knowledge database encompassing a lifetime of learning
· Take ownership of, and customize information from web content. You no longer have to worry if the page is changed or deleted by the author.
· Copy and paste content between information items and notes to establish a personalized version of the information.
· Create notes from scratch using the built-in word processor. Or take complete snapshots or clippings from web-pages so that you'll always have the content when you need it. just drag (or copy) a selection from the browser and drop (or paste) onto a parent item in the navigation tree. Integrate your local files of any format into your knowledgebase by attaching them to notes with drag-and-dropping functionality.
· Whether your information sources are files on your file-system, web sites, notes, e-mails or discussions, you can tie them together and easily navigate from one element to any other related one. Navigating to any member of an associated set displays all of the other members automatically.
· Retrieve the information you want quickly
· Do you sometimes feel like you are trying to drink from a fire hydrant when you do a search on the Internet? Eliminate the overwhelming and irrelevant results usually produced by using the fully functional search engine built into KnowledgeWorkshop. Perform a content search of your information structure, notes and newsgroups to produce the selective and relevant results you need.
· Use your personally created index of key words and phrases to find information.
· Assign custom attributes to information, and compare in a tabular report
· A common use of the Internet is to collect information to support decision making, for example, finding out what options exist before purchasing a car.
· KnowledgeWorkshp enables you to gather all relevant information together, and to assign custom attributes to the items in the Knowledgebase. In the case of a car purchase, these attributes could be: price, horsepower, engine capacity, what features come as standard etc.
· You can then easily compare the various options you have by having KnowledgeWorkshop generate a custom attribute report.

Download and install KnowledgeWorkshop safely and without concerns.

KnowledgeWorkshop is a software product developed by Learning Management Solutions and it is listed in Office category under Diary/Organizers/Calendar. KnowledgeWorkshop is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run KnowledgeWorkshop on all modern Windows OS operating systems. KnowledgeWorkshop was last time updated on 06.11.2008 and it has 2,073 downloads on portal. Download and install KnowledgeWorkshop safely and without concerns.
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