Advanced Stage of Sales Management Software (Sales, Receipts, Invoices, Merchandise)
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Advanced Point of Sales Management Software (Sales, Receipts, Invoices, Product).
JCL POS review by Team on 07.04.2015
JCL POS is a simple yet complete Point of Sale Management Software, with a modern interface that integrates into one system, point of sale, store, inventory, kitchen computer screen and many more. Additionally, it controls all information (sales, purchasing, stores, rooms, clients, kitchen orders, receipts, invoices, cash transactions, statistics, products, stock adjustments, etc.) created in different types of property as restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, fast food, home delivery and shops in a considerably more agile and simple style, managing business processes flow without errors and in a pleasant way. The program provides a valuable support to day-to-day jobs wich easly exceeds modern standards and similar alternatives to be found on the market. In order to improve functionality and profits, JCL POS satisfies the needs of the business both when it comes to improving day-to-day operations, as in the continuos development of the business itself. Among the main advantages of JCL POS is its powerful and intuitive sales terminal, wich can handle most business operations like sales creation and cancellation, client selection, discount program, receipts and invoices generation, kitchen orders, room charges, gratuities and much more. Allowing so, managing a wide variety of services on your own property and configure multiple points of sale. The terminals may be used in touch screens and you'll be able to make as many users as need for each one of them. JCL POS features a hostelry module which includes a graphical representation of rooms and tables showing the status of these in real time. It also provides a quick solution to make reservations, kitchen orders with the correspoding preparation options, along with a computer screen to display kitchen orders. JCL POS makes your work easier with different payment techniques, including chash, credit card or check, as well as the arrangement of multiple currencies, their denominations and exchange rates, so you could handle charging transactions more conveniently. Through an economics module, JCL POS frees users to make multiple openings and closings in a same working time, showing a very detailed report of the shift status at all times. Likewise, cash entries and withdrawals may be manually added to cash transactions, and agencies or business sources with commissions strategies could be defined in the system. Products in JCL POS may be organized in unlimited categories. Another group of categories lets you access your items very quickly. Additionally gives the opportunity to perform complex products or manual sorting in the catalogue. With JCL POS you'll be able to obtain the status of the stores and handle them properly in a more simple way, together with perform all the inventories desired, and fix the system's catalogue to accomplish a perfect synchronization. Therefore, the processes of entry or purchase, return and transfer may be carried out very easily. This Point of Sale Management Software has an alarm system that facilitates the maintenance of control over the products coming in and out of your business. warning when the maximum or minimum number of items in stores has been reached. JCL POS pays special attention to the statistical information provided. Offering search alternatives and comprehensive data about sales, receipts, invoices and cash transactions that allow judging the performance of the business, what's missing and the best way to enhance services in the foreseeable future. JCL Team Business Solutions also made a decision to include reports that assist in audit and control processes in JCL POS.

Download and install JCL POS safely and without concerns.
JCL POS Change info
* Added: Option to set a notice in the invoice report
* Modified: Design enhancements were added in the invoice report standard format
* Modified: Design enhancements were added in the invoice report receipt format
JCL POS Requirements
Framework . NET 4.0 (included)
JCL POS Languages
JCL POS user interface supports the following languages:

English, Spanish
JCL POS awards
JCL POS awards
JCL POS awards
JCL POS 2.12.0 (05.07.2015)
JCL POS 2.11.0 (11.05.2015)
JCL POS 2.9.1 (19.03.2015)
JCL POS 2.8 (07.01.2015)
JCL POS 2.7 (07.09.2014)
JCL POS 2.6 (24.05.2014)
JCL POS 2.3.2 (15.04.2014)
JCL POS 2.2 (04.11.2013)
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