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Personal diary and information manager
In My Diary review by Team on 08.12.2014
In My Diary is a free, private diary program to assist you coordinate all your upcoming jobs and events, store your passwords, keep track of notes and handle your contacts. When you launch In My Diary, the program will start and then it's going to automatically minimize to the system tray. To bring up the interface you need to click the system tray icon. In My Diary interface is like a real life diary. The diary supports one time and recurring events with customizable colors, linked notes and early alert options. It is also possible to configure the program to send you email reminders, using your own mail server or the supplied SMTP service. Along with diary entries, you can use In My Diary to keep a daily journal, save your passwords in addition to private notes. The software also incorporates a contacts database with optional birthday reminders and label printing characteristics. Other features include support for import/export (iCal, vCard), keyword search, built in password generator, anniversary and special event options, and much more. The 'Calendar' shows the present year, but you could also choose to see a future or previous year, in case you would like to review a past event or plan an upcoming meeting. By simply clicking on a date in the 'Calendar', the 'Diary' will open on that day and let you add an alarm or create a reminder. You can also link it to an existing entry in your 'Notes'. What's more, you can make recurring alarms which will recur at user-defined time intervals. Furthermore, you can schedule an email alert to be sent to your own personal email address on specific occasions. For every date, you have the option of creating journal entries, where you can write whatever crosses your mind in connection with that day. Using the 'Notes' component, you can make various entries and write down your ideas or just create a shopping list. The 'Passwords' section of In My Diary gives you the ability to handle your credentials for email accounts, website logins, credit card or bank account info. This particular section is password- protected itself, preventing unauthorized access. The 'Contacts' feature lets you make an address / phone book, including people's details, like name, phone number, email address, birthday and others. Moreover, these can be exported to vCard format, so you can use them in other programs too. VCards and iCalendar files can be imported and exported so that you can sync your data with other PIM software. Rather than composing your own personal life on total accessible websites, counter the trend: write down your daily ideas in myDiary and lock it so that nobody else can read your 'secrets'.

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In My Diary awards
In My Diary awards
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