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Extracts emails from internet by keyword search
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Extracts e-mails from web using keyword search
GSA Email Spider review by Team on 08.12.2014
GSA Email Spider is a Windows utility built specifically for allowing you to extract email addresses, telephone and fax numbers from different websites. This program operates together with the usage of search string and it will spider grab, crawl, rip, harvest, extract and parse for the information needed. For a fast downloading session, rookies are offered step by step support throughout the whole process. Advanced users can skip this step and configure the parameters straight from the main pane. GSA Email Spider enables users to choose the things to be searched (emails, phone numbers, fax numbers), enter keywords for more precise search results, define the URL, and configure the parsing parameters. Additionally, you can upload a list with keywords from a plain text file, restrict the search results to a specified value, view a list with queued things, define the amount of emails to be extracted from websites, and accept cookies. GSA Email Spider enables users to choose the search engine from a preset list (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, MSN), add new URLs by defining the name, description, country, and URLs, create lists with keywords, and extract additional info about the found email addresses (e.g. country or city). Other significant options worth saying give users the chance to restrict the number of concurrent connections, discover and remove fake emails, as well as automatically save the outcomes to a plain text file and at a specified time. Last but not least, you filter results by file extensions, namely emails (GIF, HTML, JPEG, PHP, PNG), URLs (E.G. ACE, BMP, CLASS, EXE, JPEG, CSS, TAR, RIFF, XBM, TIFF), as well as create exclusion lists. Also, you can make the application send the created information via email with your client, provided that you have defined the username and passwords, and configure proxy settings. With this tool online marketing and mass mailing can be achieved automatically in a much simpler means.

Download and install GSA Email Spider safely and without concerns.

GSA Email Spider highlights and features:

Extract email addresses from a web site,

Along with the email grabber you can look for telephone and fax numbers,

Send emails automated to your new customers,

Harvest email addresses with the assistance of search engines (300 contained),

Support for https web sites,

Support for SSL- only email providers (such as google mail),

Send emails right with internal snmp server,

Javascript evaluation to locate protected email addresses,

Protection from anti spider engines (e.g. random user agent),

Gather emails with their additional data (e.g. address),

Many filters to simply extract email addresses you would like,

Very fast processing (with 100 threads you can easly extract 500 new emails a minute)

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GSA Email Spider awards
GSA Email Spider awards
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GSA Email Spider 7.47 (16.08.2016)
GSA Email Spider 7.46 (27.07.2016)
GSA Email Spider 7.45 (13.07.2016)
GSA Email Spider 7.44 (17.05.2016)
GSA Email Spider 7.43 (12.04.2016)
GSA Email Spider 7.42 (12.03.2016)
GSA Email Spider 7.41 (19.02.2016)
GSA Email Spider 7.40 (06.02.2016)
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