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Graphs Made Easy is listed in Educational category and made available by GME for Windows. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed Graphs Made Easy. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
Graphs Made Easy review by publisher GME:

What is Graphs Made Easy software from GME, what is it used for and how to use it?

Create great looking graphs in minutes

Simplified Data Entry
GME is not a spreadsheet, but a purpose-built graph making program. Data entry is as simple as it gets: no data grids or set up wizards, just enter the data.
Graphs can have numbers or dates on the X axis. Ordinarily, graphs with dates on the X Axis are perhaps the most useful, while being the hardest to make. GME's date picker allows easy input of date values.

Self Explanatory User Interface
GME's simple, intuitive interface ensures there is no learning curve: creating graphs is easy from the first graph. Elements are added by drag and drop, and editing of parameters is accessed by right-click. Most functions have keyboard shortcuts.

Curved Lines And Line Point Shape Option (GME Standard Only)
GME Standard offers curved line graph lines, with the amount of curve adjustable from mild to wild.
Line point shape options for each data point include circle, square, diamond and other shapes. These can be sized and coloured to suit the application.
Labels can be anchored to line points to indicate data points of interest to be footnoted.

'Format Painter' Style Functionality
GME seeks to provide the easiest possible editing experience. The Set Format Values Of This Marker To ... option allows new markers to take the format (i.e., font/colour/grid line format) of an existing marker.

Opacity And Shading (GME Standard Only)
GME Standard provides a translucence option, adjustable from 0 to 100%, for most elements. This can be not only asthetically pleasing, but also effective in de-emphasising peripheral elements of a graph, such as axis markers or grid lines. In this way, the data of a graph can be easier to read, with the effect of a less "busy" picture.
Shading options for bar and pie graphs include centered shading and tubular. GME provides shading presets as well as editing of parameters.
(Note: dotted grid lines option is also GME Standard only)

Bitmap Or Vector File Option
GME creates graph images in bitmap or vector (EMF+) format. Images can be saved as image files, or posted to the clipboard to be copy-and-pasted in to a target application. Vector images print to paper without the pixelation of bitmap-type graphics. Bitmap file options are Jpeg, Png, Gif, and Bmp. The resolution value of bitmap files is ajustable from 50 to 999 dpi.

Data Range (GME Standard only)
GME's Set Data Range window allows fine tuning of the range of values represented in a line or bar graph. A graph of percentage values, for example, may be clearer where the data range is 0 to 100, even though the highest value is less than 100.
(The data range for graphs in GME Basic is the highest/lowest and earliest/latest values.)

Ease Of Creation Features
GME provides features that make good choices for easier creation of better graphs.
Grid lines are made transparent for the area of text labels, axis markers and the legend of graphs, making these items easier to read.
Where grid lines share the same co-ordinates with axis lines, they can be hidden (selectable), so that the grid lines do not over write axis lines.

Back Picture Option With Basic Editing (GME Standard only)
GME Standard provides the option for a picture to be included behind the graph. There are basic picture editing options, like size and location of picture, as well as the opacity, saturation (to remove colour) and gamma (brightness). An ordinary picture can be edited in to a suitable back picture within GME, without the need for picture editing software.

Download and install Graphs Made Easy safely and without concerns.

Graphs Made Easy is a software product developed by GME and it is listed in Other category under Educational. Graphs Made Easy is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run Graphs Made Easy on all modern Windows OS operating systems. Graphs Made Easy was last time updated on 30.07.2013 and it has 2,120 downloads on portal. Download and install Graphs Made Easy safely and without concerns.
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Graphs Made Easy awards
Graphs Made Easy awards
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