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Uninstall the applications that you don't need.
Geek Uninstaller review by Team on 24.03.2015
Should you install and uninstall lots of applications, your registry and file system could be filled with little bits and pieces left behind from previously uninstalled programs. GeekUninstaller is a lightweight uninstaller that doesn't require installation, meaning it's a perfect portable maintenance tool. The GeekUninstaller interface presents a conventional File Menu in the upper left hand corner along with a list of installed applications. It's possible for you to scroll through the list to find the program that you want to remove, or you can begin typing its name as well as the list will probably be filtered based on what you type. Geek Uninstaller impressed by discovering registry files left over from previous uninstallations of applications from a very long time ago. Uninstalling an app is as simple as double clicking. After uninstalling, GeekUninstaller will ask in the event you'd like it to search for leftover files, and then reveal to you the exact registry files and folders it has detected. The performance of GeekUninstaller is remarkable. It uninstalls fast and finds leftover files that even CCleaner couldn't. There are alternatives to see a program's folder, website, and even to Google search a program in case you don't recall what it's. There is also support for an array of languages. Geek Uninstaller is an impressive maintenance tool which provides on both functionality and characteristics.

Download and install Geek Uninstaller safely and without concerns.

Geek Uninstaller highlights and features:

Instant startup, minimalistic, easy but efficient user interface

Clean removal feature

Forced removal feature

Easy and all-inclusive interface

Uninstall any program that the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can't remove

Portable and doesn't need installation

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