Firefox Console based Sign-on Password Recovery Tool
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Decrypt and recover passwords stored in Firefox.
FirePassword review by Team on 24.03.2015
FirePassword was created to recover the stored web site login passwords from Firefox Browser. As with other browsers, Firefox additionally stores the login details for example username, password for each web site visited by the user in the user consent. All these secret details are stored in Firefox sign-on database securely in an encrypted format. FirePassword can immediately decrypt and recover these secrets even if they're protected with Master Password. Additionally FirePassword might be used to recover sign-on passwords from different profile (for other users on exactly the same system) in addition to from the various operating system (such as Linux, Mac etc). This significantly helps forensic investigators who can copy the Firefox profile data from the target system to various machine and recover the passwords offline without affecting the target environment.

Download and install FirePassword safely and without concerns.

FirePassword highlights and features:

Immediately decrypt and recover stored encrypted passwords from 'Firefox Sign-on Secret Store' for all versions of Firefox.

Recover Passwords from Mozilla established SeaMonkey browser also.

Supports recovery of passwords from local system in addition to remote system. User can define Firefox profile location from the remote system to recover the passwords.

It can recover passwords from Firefox secret store even when it's protected with master password. In such case user have to enter the correct master password to successfully decrypt the sign-on passwords.

Automatically detects Firefox profile location based on installed version of Firefox.

On successful recovery operation, username, password together with a corresponding login website is displayed

Fully Portable version, can be run from everywhere.

Integrated Installer for assisting you in local Installation & Uninstallation.

FirePassword Change info
Mega 2018 release to support Master Password and Password Recovery from Firefox's new crypto database
FirePassword Languages
FirePassword user interface supports the following languages:

FirePassword awards
FirePassword awards
FirePassword awards
FirePassword 10.0 (09.04.2018)
FirePassword 9.0 (17.12.2017)
FirePassword 8.0 (05.12.2016)
FirePassword 7.5 (29.07.2015)
FirePassword 7.0 (08.01.2015)
FirePassword 6.0 (10.07.2013)
FirePassword 5.5 (07.03.2013)
FirePassword 5.0 (24.11.2012)
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