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EBook Maestro is a versatile universal compiler for digital information products
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EBook Maestro FREE is listed in eBooks category and made available by eBookMaestro.com for Windows. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed EBook Maestro FREE. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
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What is EBook Maestro FREE software from eBookMaestro.com, what is it used for and how to use it?

EBook Maestro is a versatile universal compiler for digital information products

EBook Maestro is a powerful eBook compiler that may both shield them against copyright violations and changes and frame your thoughts into an effective independent presentation. The freeware eBook maker offers complete support for different character sets and multimedia content to embellish and enrich your novel or demo. Additionally, it may restrict cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop alternatives to efficiently confine using your materials to a preferred interface.

Universal compiler.

Ordered compiler.
The format of our compiler enables you to truly alter and produce eBooks easily. All configurations are sorted by their own goal and you may always fast return for the setting you should make the needed changes.

Context help.
You don't understand exactly what this setting is for, would you? You can immediately open a point in almost any portion of the compiler and it'll describe you the goal of any setting.

Saving tasks.
Can you create lots of eBooks? EBook Maestro saves all configurations in a different project file for every eBook. It'll permit you to really return to the jobs and recompile eBooks with no issues.

Standalone eBook.
You receive an executable file that doesn't need additional software or documents to assist, once you compile an eBook.

All of your files were in a eBook just and nowhere else.
Once you compile an e-book, all its documents are developed into one executable file and aren't extracted anywhere. Exception: documents used by some embedded items.

Supporting any documents.
You may make eBooks created in any languages who have any character sets.

E-readers compiled with eBook Maestro can receive the tree of directories and files as complex as you desire. For instance, it enables you to really structure your eBook such a manner that picture files are situated in a single listing, movie files are situated in a different listing, sound files are situated in a listing, etc.

Processing types.
Just define the webpage on a remote web-server that'll process information the user inputs into the form.

You should use the whole array of Microsoft and WSH object attributes within your eBooks.

E-readers support a variety of built - in processes, properties and activities.

Processing and saving information entered by an individual.
With eBook Maestro, you'll manage to produce eBooks that may recall and use information entered by an individual. Consider how agreeable it'll be when an e-book uses the reader's name to address them.

Language characteristics.
EBooks support Language APIs used to express the chosen text or the whole file aloud using earphones or loudspeakers.

Visualization founded on the HTML browser.
The IE rendering engine is utilized to visualize pages. It guarantees that everything is exhibited without distortions and supporting the attributes found in IE.

Ultra-fast Search eBook Function.
Enables your readers to look for pages containing keywords. The eBook highlights words located on the page, to create the research more suitable.

You may define completely any text to be exhibited within the top left portion of the window as well as in the taskbar button of your own eBook.

Custom Icon.
Make your own icon on your eBook in order for your eBook stands out against other eBooks to the consumer's computer.

Changing internet addresses.
Hyperlinks can be specified by you to the house page and also to the webpage with Critiques or Awards of your own eBook for an individual in order to really go to your own personal page or maybe to get extra information right in the eBook. Define also your email for an individual in order to get hold of you.

You define the measurement of the window to be applied if the e-book is opened.

Disable these attributes, should you not need to have the user in order to resize the window and also to use the Minimize / Maximize buttons within the top right corner of the window.

It restores the preceding state of its own window: its placement, size as well as the last opened page, if the user opens each next time to the eBook.

Custom rightclick context menu.
Custom controlbar.
You've got the whole control on how the controlbar looks like.

Previewing the controlbar.
You can immediately preview all modifications before you compile the eBook you use for the controlbar.

Left Panel.
The Left Panel enables you to really show the user added info (e.g. the table of contents).

Custom research panel.
You determine what the research panel will appear to be. EBook Maestro enables you to really alter the look of the research panel.

You can immediately preview all modifications before the eBook is compiled by you you use for the search panel.

Disabling Copy / Paste and Print Screen.
Disabling dragging and choosing.
The text and pictures of a customary eBook could be stolen by dragging the part or the whole file to the window of some HTML editor. EBook Maestro enables you to really disable dragging and picking.

Disabling print attributes.
You can certainly do-it - E-book Maestro enables you to really disable the print attributes, should you not need to have the user in order to print your eBook.

Confirming the checksum.
E-readers check their checksums. The eBook wouldn't start, if a person chooses to introduce modifications in your eBook.

Highquality and fast compilation.
The e-book is compiled really quickly.

Small size.
The powerful compression algorithm lowers the size of documents once they're compiled. Later they can be unpacked on the fly with no single byte of advice being lost! That's the reason once you publish your e-book in your site, it'll be possible to obtain it despite a slow Internet connection.

Limitless possibilities.
The whole group of the characteristics gives you limitless freedom in comprehending your creative thoughts!

Totally free for making noncommercial eBooks.
Should you make noncommercial eBooks eBook Maestro FREE doesn't demand payment!

You're welcome to eBook Maestro STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL, if you're going to acquire income out of your eBooks or even to incorporate them in your business jobs!

When you desire you can make as many commercial and noncommercial eBooks.

Bottom Bar.
The bottom bar enables you to really include a short text string plus a link. For instance, providing the consumer to purchase a product. Or if you're somebody's affiliate, you can define your link here in order to really get your own commission charge.

Adding attempt-before-purchase constraints.
Restrict access to some element of the e-book for an individual to get to file the eBook to acquire access to it. EBook Maestro PRO enables you to really protect files and directories to prevent an unregistered person from obtaining them.

Key generator.
EBook Maestro PRO includes an integral generator for creating private registration codes for documented users.

Encrypting Documents.
Encrypted documents can't be decrypted before the user enters their enrollment name and code.

Download and install EBook Maestro FREE safely and without concerns.

EBook Maestro FREE is a software product developed by eBookMaestro.com and it is listed in Other category under eBooks. EBook Maestro FREE is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run EBook Maestro FREE on all modern Windows OS operating systems. EBook Maestro FREE was last time updated on 03.09.2013 and it has 7,069 downloads on Download.hr portal. Download and install EBook Maestro FREE safely and without concerns.
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EBook Maestro FREE awards
EBook Maestro FREE awards
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