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Easy2Sync for Outlook synchronizes Microsoft Outlook mails, contacts, tasks, etc
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Synchronize your data between multiple Outlook programs.
Easy2Sync for Outlook review by Download.hr Team on 17.03.2015
You need Easy2Sync for Outlook to keep your e-mails, contacts, tasks, etc. in sync. Regardless of which mail you change, write or read - Easy2Sync for Outlook keeps your computers in sync. And it uses the industrial strength design and rules which already makes Easy2Sync for Files so secure. Synchronizing Outlook data between multiple computers is easy and quick, also it doesn't necessarily require connections with a Microsoft Exchange server. It's possible for you to clone and synchronize Outlook PST data by means of your PC, any network device, FTP folder or removable storage device, for example memory cards, USB drives or hard disks, as shared folder location. Regardless of your experience using a program such as this one, you should have no difficulties getting started with Easy2Sync for Outlook. Besides its well-organized interface, the application provides you with a built-in wizard that walks you through the synchronization process, and can even be configured to start every single time you open the application. In addition, it includes a set of more advanced features for experienced users, but some of those functions include help documentation for less experienced users also. In case you work in an office and you also must share particular information by means of your co-workers, you can limit the synchronization to only those Outlook items you would like to provide access to. Significant details such as Outlook e-mails, notes and calendars can't only be synchronized, but also backed up. So, to be able to save storage space, you can create copies of important data and keep your Outlook account up-to-date. To prevent the situation when you aren't able to send or receive messages because your inbox is full with e-mails, you can filter unwanted entries by age, subject, class, folder or private-flag. Plus, you can delete duplicate e-mails, contacts and calendar items to save mailbox storage space. Technical: Synchronization over any network type. LAN, WLAN, doesn't matter. So long as the Windows network recognizes it, it will likewise work with Easy2Sync for Outlook Only the changes are transferred - perfect for enormous PST files Requests could be turned off, so that Easy2Sync for Outlook can work on its own Timer-based synchronization is supported Endless mails and folders (Only House and Business Edition) Synchronize on windows beginning or shutdown possible Easy2Sync for Outlook additionally runs as service Renamed directories are being recognized Synchronizes PST files and even Exchange Servers (enclosed public folders) Synchronization filters: Age: The age of the object may be used to exclude objects. Category: It's possible for you to filter objects by their Outlook group. Folder: It's possible for you to configure for every folder, if it should be synchronized. Private: If you would like, only private (or non-private) contacts, calendar entries, etc. are synchronized. (Only Business Edition) Spam: Skips spam e-mails from the sync. Subject: Texts from the subject might be used as a filter. Type: The object type may be used to filter data. Synchronization types: Synchronization: Both computers possess exactly the same rights; Changes are transferred Copy: One computer hasn't rights and just receives the changes from the other Overwrite: The same, but files won't ever be deleted Team style: Multiple folders (e.g. calendars or contacts) can be combined into a team folder. Calendar items may be marked with a name. The text in private calendar items can be replace with a default text to block anonymously.

Download and install Easy2Sync for Outlook safely and without concerns.
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Easy2Sync for Outlook awards
Easy2Sync for Outlook awards
Easy2Sync for Outlook awards
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.12 (07.03.2018)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.11 (05.10.2017)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.10 (14.09.2017)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.09 (29.07.2017)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.08 (31.01.2017)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.07 (03.09.2016)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.06 (18.06.2016)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.05 (20.05.2016)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.04 (10.02.2016)
Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.03 (09.12.2015)
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