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Store your files on the cloud and access them wherever you're.
Dropbox review by Download.hr Team on 24.03.2015
Dropbox is a software that allows you to share files stored in a directory with the users you choose. The directory is stored on your own Computer, and its particular contents are shared on the internet. Dropbox synchronizes the contents of a directory that many users can use simultaneously. All the contents added to this directory from any computer that is sharing it will instantly become available for each of the computers that are interconnected via Dropbox. Share photos with friends. Work with your team just like you're using a single computer. Everything's automatically private, so you control who sees what. Even in case your phone goes for a swim, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox and could be restored in a snap. Dropbox secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification. Millions of people use Dropbox at work. With Dropbox for Business, get the power and security of Dropbox plus robust admin controls, dedicated support, and all the space you desire. Watch productivity soar together with the tool loved by over 300 million users. Let team members immediately sync and share data on any device, to allow them to work together from anyplace. Dropbox for Business makes information access secure, reliable, and fast. And with powerful admin controls, IT can protect information both inside as well as outside your organization. Break the cycle of training sessions, support tickets, and lost productivity. Employees will pick up Dropbox for Business in no time, freeing IT, along with your team, to get work done. Simplicity has always been Dropbox's biggest strength. An easy-to-setup client is installed on every PC, Mac or Linux desktop computer being used by one of your end users -- the licence is per-user, not per system -- and a unique 'dropbox' folder is placed on each hard drive. When you install Dropbox you'll see that in My Documents there will be a brand new folder called MyDropBox, with the subfolders Music, Photos and Public. Take advantage of these folders to store different kinds of content. Through the Public folder you can also share your files with other users, who you must previously give access permissions to. Another alternative would be to create links to some of the files in your Dropbox and share them with anybody, via a direct download. The files which you place in your MyDropbox folder, will be available locally, meaning that these files are in fact stored on your own hard drive, so you could work with them like any other common file. From empowering mobile teams to making sure you never lose a file, Dropbox for Business is intended to help your team work smarter.

Download and install Dropbox safely and without concerns.

Dropbox highlights and features:

Store up to 2 GB of content free of charge.

Maximum security and protection for your stored files using SSL and 256-bit AES encryption.

Compatible with all operating systems and mobile platforms: upload your images directly from your mobile device.

Access files without an internet connection.

Adjust the bandwidth that Dropbox uses.

Undo changes at will and restore files: Dropbox keeps a history of your activities with the program for a month.

Integrates existing authentication using SSO (single sign-on) with Active Directory

Dropbox awards
Dropbox awards
Dropbox awards
Dropbox 3.2.9 (10.03.2015)
Dropbox 2.4.10 (23.12.2013)
Dropbox 2.0.0 (15.03.2013)
Dropbox 1.3.5 Experimental (01.01.1970)
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