To add a little winter magic feeling on your Desktop is DesktopSnowOK the right.
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Magic snow flakes on your desktop
DesktopSnowOK review by Team on 16.12.2014
DesktopSnowOK is a free application that will let you have snow falling on your desktop computer. The software brings all types of flakes to the desktop computer. You may adjust their number by using a tiny slider in the interface. Furthermore, their transparency and speed of falling can be altered too. DesktopSnowOK lets you pick texture and the shape of the falling flakes. Apart from the standard white spheres and the randomly-shaped snowflakes, you may pick other options. For example, the screen can be covered by colored spheres, flowers, stars or sports balls (football, baseball, tennis). Also, the program's algorithm may be modified. The software comes with two options, namely "Snowfall" and "Blow". The application is totally portable, which means it does not have to be installed and should not leave any traces in the Windows Registry. Furthermore, the program may be set to launch at system startup. It is free, light on resources and does precisely what it says it will, but ultimately DesktopSnowOK lacks polish and options. For a fast holiday fix, however, it is an excellent option! Enjoy in winter spirit from your PC!

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Improvements in the Algorithm of Magic Desktop Flakes
Improvement in the rendering engine
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DesktopSnowOK awards
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DesktopSnowOK 3.55 (22.11.2018)
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