Easy-to-Use File Folder Encryption Software with File Shredder and Secure Email.
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Security / Encrypting and Decrypting

Protect your files and messages securely and professionally
CryptoForge review by Team on 18.02.2015
CryptoForge is simple- to-use file encryption software for high level security. It lets you encrypt and decrypt files of any type and size, together with whole folders and drives, from within Windows Explorer or My Computer with right-click ease. In order to successfully have your files protected, you have to use a keyphrase with the assistance of which encryption is done. Furthermore, you can set the program to remember the key for a limited period of time or none whatsoever, for increased security. There are several approaches by which files are encrypted. Based on the value of your files, it is possible to have them protected using all available algorithms. Take caution when entering the keyphrase and remember it, since it is the only way to activate the reverse process. Also, an incorporated option lets you permanently eliminate any file from your system. This comes in handy, as there are approaches to bring back conventionally deleted files. Moreover, to save disk space, you can choose to use compression to encrypted files. Unfortunately, the process is only applied for files, folders still being accessible, but having content secured. Users who can benefit from CryptoForge are people who need to protect very sensitive info and need an simple- to-use option. CryptoForge intergrates with the Windows shell, meaning that the functionality the program has to offer is always a right click away. The options to encrypt and shred appear in the context menu when you right click a file. CryptoForge is the only encryption software that allows multiple encryption, which is encrypting with more than one algorithm at the same time. Other unique characteristics include filename encryption, cipher speed meter, and compression level control. If you would like to protect your files in a safe and professional way, try CryptoForge. It will be impossible to open the encrypted files without their password.

Download and install CryptoForge safely and without concerns.
CryptoForge Requirements
10 MB of free disk space
CryptoForge Limitations
No limitations. The Decrypt function never expires.
CryptoForge Languages
CryptoForge user interface supports the following languages:
CryptoForge awards
CryptoForge awards
CryptoForge awards
CryptoForge 5.2.1 (03.11.2016)
CryptoForge 5.2.0 (19.10.2016)
CryptoForge 5.1.0 (24.06.2016)
CryptoForge 5.0.0 (23.12.2015)
CryptoForge 4.2.0 (22.01.2015)
CryptoForge 4.1.0 (01.08.2013)
CryptoForge 4.0.0 (29.12.2012)
CryptoForge 3.3.2 (16.08.2012)
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