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Secure FTP-SERVER SSL/TLS/FTPS, SSH/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS support, access rules
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Secure FTP Server with SSL/TLS/FTPS, SSH/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS support
Core FTP Server review by Team on 11.11.2014
Core FTP Server is software for Windows that enables you to exchange files with others via networks and the internet. The FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol) enables files to be transferred across the internet and networks with relative ease, regardless of computer platform (Windows, Unix, Mac, etc). The server software is set up on your own personal computer and enables access by others to your files on your own personal computer. You control who accesses what files by setting up user accounts on the FTP server. Users access your FTP server via a any FTP client. FTP clients enable users to access your server to exchange files (more usually referred to as uploading and downloading). The architecture of the FTP relies on both a client and a server and this is transposed in the application field as specialized applications for every single component. Core FTP Server manages the server component alongside other characteristics including user authentication, port selection, root path and even options like nagle or zlib. Core FTP Server has graphical user interface that is minimalistic, letting you to easily and quickly establish the parameters needed by the computer program in the least possible time period. When you install it on your own personal computer, it basically takes no more than a couple of moments to completely initiate it. Take these steps to allow other people to transfer files to/from your computer: 1: Fill in the user/password fields using a user/password combination of your choice. 2: Choose the port, and directory to give others access to. 3: Click start! Now other users can access your files via Core FTP client (SSH/SFTP option checked). Most computers will have a firewall preventing others from accessing your personal computer. To avoid this problem, open up Port 22 for incoming connections. Core FTP Server does not have any permissions set up to prevent others from deleting your files. If you are using NTFS, you can protect your files by altering their permissions or altering files to be 'read only'. Core FTP Server was made to be simple to setup and use. To start the server automatically, add '-start' to the command line parameter or shortcut.

Download and install Core FTP Server safely and without concerns.

Core FTP Server highlights and features:

- SSL & Protect SFTP support

- Quick and safe client transfers


- Userfriendly interface(s)

- Start/stop/restart of transfers

- Auto re-try of failed transfers

- Transfer bandwidth get a grip on

- Browser integration

- Keep Alive functionality

- Remote file searching

- File permissions (CHMOD)

- Higher level directory listings

- .htaccess &.htpasswd editing

- One-click transfers

- Keep Alive functionality

- Automatic S/Key support

- Favorites via drop-down & menu

- Desktop short-cuts & drop u/l's

- Command-line support

Core FTP Server Requirements
Core FTP Server Languages
Core FTP Server user interface supports the following languages:

Core FTP Server awards
Core FTP Server awards
Core FTP Server 2.0.697 (13.04.2020)
Core FTP Server 2.0.695 (05.03.2020)
Core FTP Server 2.0.694 (13.11.2019)
Core FTP Server 2.0.691 (30.10.2019)
Core FTP Server 2.0.689 (25.09.2019)
Core FTP Server 2.0.687 (22.08.2019)
Core FTP Server 2.0.682 (24.07.2019)
Core FTP Server 2.0.679 (01.06.2019)
Core FTP Server 2.0.678 (30.05.2019)
Core FTP Server 2.0.677 (02.05.2019)
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