CookieSpy is just a snacks audience. It exhibits snacks for several common browsers.
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A well-known browser cookies manager
CookieSpy review by Team on 16.02.2015
Cookies might be useful since they save you from typing the same login credentials every time you access an internet account, and they save various settings, for particular web sites. Sadly, cookies can also compromise your security and privacy. If you want to understand what cookies are stored on your personal computer, you can use CookieSpy. It shows all the cookies made by various browsers and it lets you perform a number of actions, like filtering, editing and others. Cookies supports all major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firebox (standalone and portable), Google Chrome (standalone and portable), Google Chrome Canary, Chromium, Apple Safari, Opera (standalone and portable), Pale Moon (standalone and portable), Comodo Dragon (standalone and portable), Yandex, Maxthon3, Nitro and Mozilla SeaMonkey are supported. Cookies are shown in a table view. It is easy to sort and filter the cookie list, edit and delete cookies. The installation procedure does not last too long and it is over in a couple of seconds, while the interface you come across can only be described as clear and simple, seeing it only consists of a couple buttons, a tab for each of your web browsers and a pane in which to view the information that interests you. Cookies are shown as a list, along with information like domain name, path, name, value and date and time when they expire. It is possible to sort this list according to all the aforementioned elements, refresh the list and generate stats in another window, so that you can view the exact number of occurrences according to cookie name. A search function is integrated, while it is possible to bring up further information, edit cookies and copy all data to the Clipboard or only the value or name. Last but not least, you can delete a particular cookie or all of them with only a click of the button, as well as protect them. CookieSpy is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to seeing and handling cookies. The program could be interesting for web developers and for security specialists.

Download and install CookieSpy safely and without concerns.
CookieSpy Requirements
.NET Framework 2.0
CookieSpy Languages
CookieSpy user interface supports the following languages:

English, Russian
CookieSpy awards
CookieSpy awards
CookieSpy awards
CookieSpy 6.0 (28.07.2017)
CookieSpy 6.0 (11.01.2015)
CookieSpy 5.1 (06.02.2014)
CookieSpy 5.0 (29.09.2013)
CookieSpy 4.3 (19.04.2013)
CookieSpy 4.2 (23.03.2013)
CookieSpy 4.1 (17.01.2013)
CookieSpy 4.0 (02.11.2012)
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