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Free Comodo Antivirus detects and destroys malware and viruses
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The total virus and malware prevention kit for your computer.
Comodo Antivirus review by Team on 16.03.2015
COMODO Antivirus is a powerful security software that scans your computer and removes any malware, viruses or spyware which have infiltrated in your system. The software appears and feels like other Comodo developed security applications. The user interface displays color coded notifications, for problems that require your attention or need to be fixed immediately. Running Comodo AntiVirus and letting it work in the background, without making any configuration, is adequate to secure your system. The central security features are activated by default. The antivirus system enables you to run a scan of the entire drive, in crucial areas alone or according to your preferences. Alternatives include scanning only for spyware or scheduling daily or weekly scans. A log file enables you to see all antivirus events and notifications, while the scanner settings enable you adjust the degree of real time scanning (on access, disabled). Defense  is a section of COMODO Antivirus where you are able to add or remove files to or from your local safe executable files database, run a program inside Sandbox, see a list of unrecognized files which are automatically put inside Sandbox until further notice, set various rules (e.g. predefined policies, blocked files) and configuration alternatives (e.g. security level, execution control level, Sandbox security degree). It's possible for you to handle the antivirus configuration settings, allow the software diagnose an unsolvable problem or handle an endpoint. A complete scan on the computer takes a extremely very long time to conclude, but COMODO Antivirus manages to find and quarantine a great deal of malicious agents, while using a small amount of system memory (although other processes run slower). It's easy to set up and configure, won't slow down your PC by hogging system resources and is free for life to the end user.

Download and install Comodo Antivirus safely and without concerns.

Comodo Antivirus highlights and features:

Default Deny Protection

Makes sure that just known PC-safe applications run

Prevention-based security

Stops viruses and malware before they access your it isn't too late to stop them.

Auto Sandbox Technology

The sandbox is a virtual operating environment for trustworthy programs -- ensuring viruses and other malicious software are entirely isolated from the rest of your computer

Full strength, top notch virus detection and elimination

Our download offers Free Antivirus protection that exceeds the protection offered by high-priced security packages

Quarantine system to isolate suspicious files

Potential viruses are kept executing to ensure that nothing "sneaky" gets through

Personalized protection

Set virus scans to run on a schedule, when it's suitable for you

Spyware Scanning

Spyware Scanner detects and cleans malware infections in PC registry and disks.

Cloud based Antivirus

Cloud based antivirus scanning detects malicious file even if a user doesn't have up-to-date virus definitions.

Cloud based Behavior Analysis

Cloud based behavior analysis system discovers zero-day malware INSTANTLY.

Cloud based Whitelisting

Cloud based whitelisting of trusted publisher easily identifies a safe file and seller

Game Mode

Suppresses operations which could interfere with a user's gaming experience for example alerts, virus database updates or scheduled scans.

Application Control

Provides users with the capability to lockdown their PC so just known good applications can run.

One-click scanning

Ensure that your PC is clean with one simple button click

Easy and user friendly interface

Just install and forget, while Antivirus continues to protect

Real time access to updated virus definitions

Get the most current protection possible against new viral forms

Exceptional "slider" to easily change your present security level

Change the behavior of Antivirus to reflect your security preferences at just about any given time

Comodo Antivirus Change info
Improved Migrated virtually all HTTP URLs to HTTPs, Folder Protection.Fixed Uninstallation & Installation failed,Https website filtering no longer works on Chrome 78, Chrome crashes in Containment, CIS USB error,Uninstallation of Comodo KillSwitch and Cleaning Essentials, Freezes in Win10 build.
Comodo Antivirus Requirements
512 MB RAM, 400 MB available hard disk space
Comodo Antivirus Languages
Comodo Antivirus user interface supports the following languages:

English, ChineseSimplified, Russian, Turkish
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