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Perform routine actions in one click!
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Perform routine actions in one click
Comfort Keys Pro review by Team on 22.12.2014
Aren't you bored with typing the same thing over and over? Now you can use Comfort Keys to type any text instead of you. With this new generation hotkey manager you can leave your mouse alone and configure hotkeys for all of your actions - just like real professional's do. One of many features it prides itself with is an innovative clipboard manager. Once you copy literally anything, it gets saved in a customizable database. Taking a little time to browse through the dedicated window allows you to attribute a combination of keys to any entry, order them in favorite categories, as well as change the color they appear enlisted in. Accessing the keyboard shortcuts settings brings up even more customization options. The Comfort Keys Pro interface is quite easy to use. You spend most time creating and remembering combination of keys and what they trigger. A text field allows you to add buttons you would like to combine. These appear highlighted on a virtual keyboard to better visualize the created shortcut. A drop-down menu is home to all actions you can attribute shortcuts to. You are able to simply add a piece of text wherever needed, start a program, activate any of your pc 's power options and even trigger a recorded keystroke macro. Comfort Keys Pro is a powerful but user-friendly tool which, if correctly set, can not only provide what the name suggests, but also save you a great deal of time in tasks that are repetitive.

Download and install Comfort Keys Pro safely and without concerns.

Comfort Keys Pro highlights and features:

Launch the essential applications and open web pages by pressing a single hotkey.

Insert predefined texts (email templates, signatures, passwords, greetings, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) using hotkeys or the built in template manager.

Change the language and case of the typed text.

Control the sound volume in a fast and suitable way.

Record key press sequences and play them back as many times as you need.

Block some keys or simulate the press of a specific key when another one is pressed.

We made sure you consistently have a hotkey guide at hand by incorporating a completely functional on screen keyboard showing all the accessible hotkeys.

A clipboard manager.

Graphic and text templates manager.

An enhanced program switching window.

A current language flag which is always located next to the text cursor and helps determine the language that is currently used.

A history window for the previously launched programs with an ability to fast-launch them again.

Comfort Keys Pro Change info
Lots of fixes and improvements.
Comfort Keys Pro Requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Comfort Keys Pro Languages
Comfort Keys Pro user interface supports the following languages:

English, Arabic, ChineseSimplified, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Comfort Keys Pro awards
Comfort Keys Pro awards
Comfort Keys Pro awards
Comfort Keys Pro 9.2 (05.03.2020)
Comfort Keys Pro 9.1 (02.05.2019)
Comfort Keys Pro 9.0 (11.12.2017)
Comfort Keys Pro 7.5 (03.02.2017)
Comfort Keys Pro 7.4 (05.11.2015)
Comfort Keys Pro 7.3 (21.04.2015)
Comfort Keys Pro 7.2 (21.12.2014)
Comfort Keys Pro 7.1 (10.02.2014)
Comfort Keys Pro 7.0 (15.12.2012)
Comfort Keys Pro 5.1 (22.11.2011)
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