ColorConsole brings a little color to your black&white world of Windows console
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ColorConsole brings a little color to your blackwhite world of Windows console
ColorConsole review by Team on 09.12.2014
The Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) can be useful in many scenarios, but for many people its black and white design is old fashioned. ColorConsole gives the command prompt a new better appearance. You can customize the console's appearance with your own colors and fonts, save commands and much more. An installation of ColorConsole is not needed and can be executed easily from the desktop. All you have to do is extract its executable from a ZIP archive and run it. An important factor worth saying is that, unlike most installers, ColorConsole does not alter Windows registry settings or create additional files on the HDD without your consent, so no traces are left behind after its removal. It does not affect on a computer's performance. The application's user interface is like the standard Windows command prompt. ColorConsole lets you change the UI language, text emphasis mode and background color. You can prepare the text for printing after configuring settings, use a search function when dealing with large amounts of information, instantly access favorite locations on the disk, as well as use preset popular network commands, such as Traceroute and Ping. New ones can be added to rapidly pick them from the "Commands" menu. Plus, the text can be generated into an HTML or RTF document rather than printing it. Commonly used commands, like "dir", "tree" or "ping" can be found in a drop menu and you just need to select one to execute it.

Download and install ColorConsole safely and without concerns.

ColorConsole highlights and features:

Favorites commands

Export to RTF and HTML


Changeable font style as well as color

Tabbed working with multi cmd.exe.

Quick folder switch.

Portable tool

ColorConsole Change info
Small fixes and retests for Windows 10 Build 2004 version 001b
Update of the Color Console language files
ColorConsole Languages
ColorConsole user interface supports the following languages:

German, English
ColorConsole awards
ColorConsole awards
ColorConsole awards
ColorConsole 4.15 (19.02.2020)
ColorConsole 4.14 (29.11.2019)
ColorConsole 4.11 (28.10.2019)
ColorConsole 4.03 (24.07.2019)
ColorConsole 4.02 (19.07.2019)
ColorConsole 4.01 (15.07.2019)
ColorConsole 3.13 (24.06.2019)
ColorConsole 3.11 (18.06.2019)
ColorConsole 3.05 (10.05.2019)
ColorConsole 3.02 (14.03.2019)
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