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Prevent distractions by blocking websites
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Prevent distractions by blocking websites.
Cold Turkey review by Team on 16.03.2015
Cold Turkey is a tool which will be able to assist you to stay focused on your own work by blocking you from accessing your favorite time-wasting websites. It boost your productivity by entirely removing yourself from the decision to be distracted,helps enhance your marks when you're studying or doing homework. Filter everything that distracts you from working Games, Facebook, YouTube and other interesting social networks and web sites are some of the very most typical distractions that we come across while working and that are really so difficult to avoid. Having the ability to block them would increase our productivity. It's possible for you to configure the length of time you would like to block yourself from those websites, which can be anywhere from just a couple of minutes to up to 3 days. Once the time has expired, Cold Turkey will automatically re-enable access to the blocked websites. The websites that you decide to block will be unavailable in all browsers on the computer. Once you hit that button to start blocking, there's no way back! The program isn't going to allow you to cancel the blocking until your self-imposed blocking period has expired! Cold Turkey uses the Windows HOSTS file feature to block the selected websites, which might cause some security applications to alert you of a HOSTS file change - you can safely ignore any alerts. Websites and applications may be grouped into three lists in order that you can easily choose which group to block at specific times. To make your own life simpler, you could also import premade lists of popular domain names to get you started: From the timer, choose how long you wish to be blocked from the selected groups. This may also keep you from making changes until your time is up. Have a look at the professional version for even more flexibility.

Download and install Cold Turkey safely and without concerns.

Cold Turkey highlights and features:

Block Websites-Add an unlimited number of websites which you would like blocked. It is also possible to import text files containing domain names (seperated by new lines or commas).

Computer Wide-Cold Turkey's blocking attributes are computer-wide, that will affect all users and browsers on the computer (except the parent version). No more sneaking to other browsers.

Lock Settings-Stick to your targets by locking the timer or schedule until a specific time. Should you finish Cold Turkey before your block expires, all websites will undoubtedly be blocked until you reboot your PC and Cold Turkey starts back up.

Block Applications-In the professional version, prevent yourself from wasting time playing games with the addition of an unlimited number of executable files to to block.

Scheduled Blocks-In the professional version, color in the schedule to block specific groups at specific times. The schedule will re-occur weekly (until you change it).

Wildcards and Exceptions-In the professional version, you can use wildcards by using an asterisk in a domain name. To block the whole Internet except several websites, block *.* and then add exceptions to permit specific websites.

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Cold Turkey awards
Cold Turkey awards
Cold Turkey 1.2.6 (21.01.2015)
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