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Contains almost anything essential for creating on PHP
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Web Development / PHP

Includes almost everything necessary for developing on PHP
CodeLobster PHP Edition review by Team on 17.12.2014
The PHP programming language has become probably the most popular programming language for creating sophisticated websites. The key reason behind this is the fact that it is simple to learn and extremely flexible. Only difficulty for users can be finding the proper software for writing the PHP code. The answer is CodeLobster PHP Edition. Particularly meant for webmasters, but also for web designers, CodeLobster PHP Edition proves to be a steady and effective utility that comes packed with complex features contained in a simple and user friendly interface. Codelobster PHP Edition simplifies the PHP development process. You do not need to remember the names of functions, arguments, tags or their attributes it is all implemented for you with autocomplete features for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and even CSS. And you can always get vital help info by pressing F1 or using the special Help control. The main window of the application is simple and intuitive to work with. Once you launch it, you are able to easily create a new PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL, XML or YAML file and begin working at your projects. The program includes support for Joomla, Drupal CMS, JQuery library, CodeIgniter framework and WordPress blogging platform, so you can simplify HTML traversing, event animating and Ajax interactions for rapid web development regardless of the platform you decide to work for. An important feature when you create or edit such files is that some non-Latin symbols might appear unreadable. In such situations, you have to modify the character encoding so every time you open or save the files, you can easily choose the suitable encoding option from the drop-down list. The Explorer section lets you move around the directory tree, preview specific files and view all of the available folders, along with their properties including creation time, size, full path and type. The most significant function of CodeLobster PHP Edition is the Debugger tool that contains a set of utilities to be able to debug programs during the development process. In this way , you can find if any bugs, errors or warning messages appear when you run the current project. Still, before pressing the 'Debug' button, you need to make sure that the 'php.ini' file is available, otherwise the function will not work. The Console section, positioned in the bottom pane of the application will show all of the errors and warning messages that might appear if the PHP file is not properly configured. Since the Debugger function includes several tools like 'Breakpoints,' 'Locals control,' 'URL Debugging' and 'Call Stack control,' you can manage the debugging process the way you want.

Download and install CodeLobster PHP Edition safely and without concerns.

CodeLobster PHP Edition highlights and features:

- PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code highlighting

- PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code collapsing

- HTML autocomplete

- Autocomplete of tags, attributes for current tag, closing tags.

- CSS autocomplete

- Autocomplete of style property names and values.

- JavaScript Advanced autocomplete

- Autocomplete of keywords, DOM elements and their properties.

- PHP Advanced autocomplete

- This feature speeds up writing a code. Autocomplete contains extensive choice of code completion listings.

Lists are formed of both regular PHP and user's classes, variables, functions, constants and keywords. Starting typing new element, lists of all possible variants for its completion are being showing after $this-> and ClassName::

- PHP Debugger

The Debugger is a package of tools that enables a programmer debugging programs during developing process. Before running, you have to configure it. Set required values for the following options in Preferences menu (Tools-->Preferences-->Debugger):

- Virtual folder - path to a virtual project folder

- Virtual host URL - url of a virtual folder

- Path to php.ini - path to the php.ini file

- Server - Apache version running on your computer. You need to select from the list, which displays all Apache versions installed on your machine.

Features for debugger:

- Functions Step Into (F11), Step Over (F10), Stop Debug (Shift+F5)

- Watch window in debugger, displaying only user's variables

- Local variables window and Call stack windows

- Expand of objects $this-> while debugging

- SQL Autocomplete

- Autocomplete of database objects (tables, fields) and SQL structures.

- Context and Dynamic Help with search for work with PHP, MySQL, HTML DynamicHelp window automatically lists all possible references for current word. You also can use ContextHelp to get information about shortcut keys.

- Pair highlighting

- Highlighting of paired tags and attributes.

- Pair selection, tags and attributes selection commands

- Selects content within current block.


- The tooltip enables to view values of variables marked with a mouse cursor.

- Class ViewClass View tab (View-->Window-->Class View) contains code elements (classes, functions and variables) of all opened files and of a whole application.

- You can easily browse through your project and find all declarations for chosen element within it. In case of ambiguity solution dialogue appears.

- Preview in a browser

- Project manager

- The project is joined with a folder on the disc. And its structure remains the same when transfers. Additionally there is an ability to search project's symbols and files using shortcut keys.

- Drug and Drop function for loading new file.

- All typical functionalities for work with a code

- Drupal plug-in available

CodeLobster PHP Edition Requirements
140 Mb of disk space
CodeLobster PHP Edition Languages
CodeLobster PHP Edition user interface supports the following languages:

English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
CodeLobster PHP Edition awards
CodeLobster PHP Edition awards
CodeLobster PHP Edition awards
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.15 (08.04.2019)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.14.5 (25.11.2018)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.14.5 (07.03.2018)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.14.1 (26.02.2018)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.14.1 (16.02.2018)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.14 (30.01.2018)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.13 (11.07.2017)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.12 (30.03.2017)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.11.4 (21.12.2016)
CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.11.3 (17.12.2016)
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