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Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus filter (SpamAssassin and ClamWin) for any mail server
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E-Mail / Anti-Spam

Email Security Solution (Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus), using SpamAssassin and ClamWin
CleanMail Server review by Team on 11.01.2015
Our mail boxes are harassed by spam messages, regardless of how hard we try to avoid supplying our email addresses on suspicious websites. CleanMail Server offers you the possibility of setting up strong antispam filters and successful antivirus measures. Its incorporated POP3 connector will download your messages from a POP3 server, filter them and forward them to your SMTP server. You can set up multiple connectors and proxies, with their very own filtering characteristics. CleanMail Server is made especially for server-based antispam protection. If you want to filter your messages on just one computer, you need to look at CleanMail Home. The applications are similar and you'll be able to install them in a matter of seconds. CleanMail Server works on Windows 2000 and all later versions, as well as numerous Server variants. It is also compatible with any mail server application, including Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, Domino or IMail. With CleanMail you have online access to see real time statistics event logs, charts and reports using a web browser. You have to make a number of initial configurations, when you launch CleanMail Server for the very first time. You will have to select a configuration type, such as a POP3 to SMTP connector, a POP3 transparency proxy or an SMTP transparency proxy. Based on your selection, a wizard will guide you through procedures that are different. It's possible for you to add and configure additional POP3 connectors and proxies, along with SMTP proxies. Proxies and Connectors are listed on the Configuration tab. The program lets you add one or more filters to individual proxies and connectors. It lets you choose from a wide range of filters, for attachments, fingerprints, viruses and you can also add blacklist and whitelist filters, spam traps or CleanMail's trademark SpamAssassin filters. All filters are configured with the assistance of a wizard. It's possible for you to type particular items, which you want to block, like email addresses or patterns, like domain names, certain characters, file extensions and so on. Also, you may select an action for intercepted items, like accepting and delivering them, marking them as junk or deleting them. All filters are really simple to configure and, in some specific cases, you can choose to go through advanced or straightforward settings, when you start the configuration process.

Download and install CleanMail Server safely and without concerns.
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IMPORTANT SECURITY UPDATE: ClamAV Anti-Virus 0.99.4, SpamAssassin 3.4.2
CleanMail Server Requirements
800MHz CPU, 512MB RAM
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CleanMail Server awards
CleanMail Server awards
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