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ChrisTV - The PVR that TAKES control OVER your TV Card with High Quality Image
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Internet / Internet Radio/TV Player

Watch top quality TV on your own personal computer.
ChrisTV Professional review by Team on 16.03.2015
ChrisTV PVR Professional is the very best class product of this suite, including all of the available features of the ChrisTV product series. Enjoy this professional PVR (Personal Video Recorder) program to see, schedule and record analog TV & Radio FM programs. Using this product you choose complete advantage of the Advanced Scheduler functions, Radio Recording Module, Innovative Recording Features (use of Deinterlace Filters, Image Processing Effects while recording), Recording Profiles (for AVI, MPEG video recording and WAV/MP3 audio recording), customizable MPEG Recording Settings, Video Frame Cropping Attribute for Recording and Image Processing Features. In ChrisTV Professional both preview and recording modes, with multimonitor support, are available for all supported capture devices (TV cards, VIVO cards, Combo cards). This program supports time shifting based recording which lets you pause the live transmission and skip commercials and even create instant replays. Another feature you might find quite appealing is the broadcast ability. It offers you the possibility to share your favorite TV shows on your own LAN or through the Internet. In case you don't need to have a task carried out straightaway, you may use the built-in scheduler to have the shows recorded at a time of your liking. Advanced customizations for this particular function, together with for image, sound, recording and several more, are easily accessible via the 'General Settings' section. There are 3 Timeshift Running Modes: - Using software DV Encoder ( with high CPU usage and large size for buffer file ) - Using software MPEG Encoder ( only MPEG Intervideo Encoder 3 is supported for the moment ) - Using hardware MPEG Encoder ( available just for TV Cards with MPEG Hardware Encoding Module ) ChrisTV PVR offers 3 recording modes: - Hardware MPEG Recording Module - AVI Recording Module - Software MPEG Recording Module During AVI and sof MPEG recording you'll be able to apply Processing Filters to the TV image: Image Processing Filters : Emboss, Grey, Invert etc. Dscaler Deinterlace Filters : Two Frame, Weave etc. Use SmartTee Directshow Filter. Disable Preview while Recording (for reducing the CPU usage while recording). ChrisTV Professional is definitely a great PVR software. User friendly and with all of the functions at hand, the program is set to meet the needs of all users for TV viewing, streaming and recording. Supported Chipsets: - BT8x8 chipset - Philips SAA713x chipset - Conexant CX2388x - Cards with MPEG Hardware Encoder (Hauppauge PVR seris, ATI Theater 550 PRO) - Web cam devices and graphics cards with Video-IN Additionally you simply need to set: - The Channel Name - Video capture device that needs to be used for the recording task (available just in ChrisTV Professional). - Recording Mode - preview while recording or background recording. - Scheduler Task Type : Once, Daily or Weekly  - The Scheduler Start Time & Date, the duration or the end time of the scheduled task. - The recording profile to be used while recording. (available just in ChrisTV Professional) - You are able to customize your recording settings and profiles from the scheduler window, no need to start ChrisTV anymore. - Additionally a powerfull feature is the option to shut ChrisTV and your PC after the recording has been made.

Download and install ChrisTV Professional safely and without concerns.

ChrisTV Professional highlights and features:

You can gain access to any or all tasks information simultaneously.

Scheduler Tasks could be purchased by the time of occurrence.

The disabled scheduler tasks are marked.

The next scheduler task which should take place has a colored symbol.

ChrisTV Professional Change info
Version 6.75 - Improved support for Windows 10. - Improved the recording, scheduler and timeshift features on Windows 8. - Fixed frequency tunning issues on Windows 7 and 8 for some TV cards. - Fixed sound initialization on Windows 8 x64.
ChrisTV Professional Requirements
DirectX 8.1 or 9.x
ChrisTV Professional Languages
ChrisTV Professional user interface supports the following languages:

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian
ChrisTV Professional awards
ChrisTV Professional awards
ChrisTV Professional awards
ChrisTV Professional 6.75 (17.05.2020)
ChrisTV Professional 6.70 (21.05.2019)
ChrisTV Professional 6.60 (23.10.2018)
ChrisTV Professional 6.60 (23.10.2018)
ChrisTV Professional 6.55 (15.06.2018)
ChrisTV Professional 6.50 (22.11.2017)
ChrisTV Professional 6.45 (21.06.2017)
ChrisTV Professional 6.40 (21.11.2016)
ChrisTV Professional 6.35 (23.06.2016)
ChrisTV Professional 6.30 (27.10.2015)
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