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ChrisTV - The Best way to control your TV Card, TV on your PC-High Quality Image
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Control your TV Card
ChrisTV Lite review by Team on 22.11.2014
ChrisTV is a simple way to control your TV Card, it lets you watch TV on your own computer with High quality picture and audio. ChrisTV Lite is the stripped down version of the CrisTV Suite. This entry level product lets you seamlessly watch online television via analog cards that feature WDM driver support. Recording TV channels is not available in the Lite version, but upgrading to Standard or Professional makes that possible. The setup process, which is simple and easy, finishes with a Settings Wizard which allows you to choose the type of Video Recording Device that you plan on using with ChrisTV Lite. ChrisTV Lite starts off by performing a simple auto scan that results in displaying a list of all the detected channels. The program also provides you with possibilities to process pictures and as such, offers you access to zoom, capturing and aspect ratio configuration. With ChrisTV Lite you will never miss anything from your favourite show. You can freeze live streaming in case you would like to take a break or take a photo. Fast forwarding is also possible, allowing you to skip those long and annoying advertisements. Additionally, because ChrisTV Lite is based on buffering encoded pictures taken from live streaming, you can move forth and back when viewing a live TV show. You can even create slideshows after taking pictures, along with the TV teletext feature is also available. Moreover, in the event that you are viewing a video which is quite dynamic (e.g. sports) or has a lot of details (e.g. dropping snow), there is a filter you can use to preserve the image quality, called DScaler Deinterlace Filter. There is also an image zoom function. ChrisTV Lite is simple to use. It has a multilanguage interface with support for 25 languages, a channels database with 2800 TV channels and 1600 radio stations from over 100 countries. You can group channels by Country, Type, Category, Language, Station Name. To gain fast access to your favorite TV channel or Radio station, you can add them to ChrisTV Lite Favorites List, which provides exactly the same grouping feature as with the Channels List. ChrisTV Lite supports all TV Cards based on BT8x8 chipset, Philips SAA713x chipset, Conexant CX2388x, also works with any Capture Device like Webcams and Graphic Cards with Video IN.

Download and install ChrisTV Lite safely and without concerns.

ChrisTV Lite highlights and features:

channel autoScan with fine tuning

customize each channel properties

support for dscaler deinterlace directshow filter

zoom feature


winlirc Support

image capture


support for more than 25 languages

ChrisTV Lite Change info
Version 6.75 - Improved support for Windows 10. - Improved the recording, scheduler and timeshift features on Windows 8. - Fixed frequency tunning issues on Windows 7 and 8 for some TV cards. - Fixed sound initialization on Windows 8 x64.
ChrisTV Lite Languages
ChrisTV Lite user interface supports the following languages:

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian
ChrisTV Lite awards
ChrisTV Lite awards
ChrisTV Lite awards
ChrisTV Lite 6.75 (17.05.2020)
ChrisTV Lite 6.70 (21.05.2019)
ChrisTV Lite 6.60 (23.10.2018)
ChrisTV Lite 6.55 (15.06.2018)
ChrisTV Lite 6.50 (21.11.2017)
ChrisTV Lite 6.45 (22.06.2017)
ChrisTV Lite 6.40 (22.11.2016)
ChrisTV Lite 6.35 (24.06.2016)
ChrisTV Lite 6.30 (28.10.2015)
ChrisTV Lite 6.20 (17.05.2015)
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