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Bersoft Image Measurement - for measures an analyzes digital images.
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Measure digital images
Bersoft Image Measurement review by Team on 06.12.2014
Bersoft Image Measurement is a Windows program which makes it simple to acquire, measure, and analyze digital images. To measure a picture, just click on the picture to define control points. The program will automatically perform measurements, calculate areas, and generate statistical analysis. All measurements are drawn over a special measurement layer, so the original picture is not changed in any way. Statistical analysis can be exported as CVS, HTML, DOC or ASCII file formats. They also can be send directly to Excel or copied and pasted to any other program. The software supports DICOM, JPEG, TIFF, and most famous picture formats. Additionally pictures can be captured either from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras or from live video sources. It is not difficult to export pictures in HSV, RGB, or 8-bit channel format, or even generate a matrix together with the hexadecimal or decimal values of the image pixels. Live video measurements can be done on a brand new picture window, where the live video can be measured, paused and worked on as any other picture. Bersoft Image Measurement can run as a Portable Application, from USB (Flash or HDD) Drives. It's possible for you to perform perimeter, distance, angle, arc, area, and point and line measurements using the Tools Palette. You could also calculate statistics from the measurements. You have immediate access to frequencies, mean, median, minimum, maximum, range, variance, standard deviation, standard error, coefficient of variation, skew, kurtosis, and counts. Additionally, it supports, Graphs Pixel profile and Object counting. You can rotate, resize, merge, flip and rotate selections. With its multiple document interface (MDI), the software supports any variety of pictures concurrently. Measurements are drawn on a vectorial layer (overlay) and they can be edited or adjusted as many times as needed, its color and location may be changed. Since they are drawn as vectorial pictures, they look precisely the same at any zoom value. Measurements may be applied on multriframe DICOM pictures and live video feeds. Each picture gets its own measurements datasheet, and because that each group of measurements related to exactly the same picture can have another conversion factor. Bersoft Image Measurement lets you visualize pictures in various ways, including seeing histograms from partial or entire pictures, creating false color images, subtracting image backgrounds, merging images, inverting image colors, manipulating channels, using filters, and adjusting characteristics like gamma, brightness, and contrast. Whether you have to hasten the process of measuring scientific or industrial samples, or to perform statistical analysis on scans or photos of unusual objects, Bersoft Image Measurement gives you the tools that you require. Anybody who has ever used an image editing program should have no difficulties getting accustomed to Bersoft Image Measurement's interface. The trial version of Bersoft Image Measurement will just load pictures saved in the proprietary .IMB file format.

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Bersoft Image Measurement awards
Bersoft Image Measurement awards
Bersoft Image Measurement awards
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Bersoft Image Measurement

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