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Backup your documents, images, music, videos
Back4Sure review by Team on 13.03.2015
Backing up data does is simple task which simply include copying your files to a secure location. Unfortunately, this is usually neglected by most people. This is the reason it's an excellent solution to use backup software. Back4Sure is a straightforward piece of software built specifically for helping you backup your important data, be it documents, pictures, audio, or video files, and make a copy of them into a specified target directory. The folder together with the drive drive letter of the source drive and also the directory structure will be automatically created in the target directory, so all your files will probably be stored correctly and easy to find. In this process, Back4Sure will just copy files which have changed since the last backup, so even a significant number of files is backed up as quickly as possible. It's possible for you to make use of a USB flash drive, a second hard drive or a network share as backup target. With the built-in compression of Back4Sure you can save space and especially on flash disks lots of time when you make a backup of tens of thousands of files. Back4Sure doesn't make use of a proprietary file format to save your data. All files are simply copied or alternatively stored in standardized Zip or 7Zip containers. In this way you don't need Back4Sure to get your files back, your file manager will do the job! Furthermore, Back4Sure has an option to cleanup the target directory. With this particular option you'll be able to remove orphaned files, that only exist in the target directory however don't have correponding source files anymore. While offering plenty of choices for the backup process, Back4Sure is still handy and flexible: It occupies less than 5 MB of storage space and can quickly be run from a flash memory disk without installation. It doesn't leave any traces on the host system and doesn't install any type of extensions or services.

Download and install Back4Sure safely and without concerns.

Back4Sure highlights and features:

-Easy folder selection

You can easily select multiple folders from the directory tree to include them into the backup set. Just as simple you can exclude certain folders from the backup.

-Complete unicode support

Back4Sure can handle unicode filenames. They can be shown accurately in the directory selection tree and certainly will be copied without errors.

-Long routes support

Even very large and deeply nested directory structures (path length up to 32000 characters) are no issue for Back4Sure.

-Efficient filter system

You can easily create filter set to decide on which files to include in or to exclude from the backup. And this not just for the entire backup, but also for individual folders.

-Compression choice with adjustable directory depth and encryption

Backups could be stored in a compressed format. Should you decide to empower compression, you can define the directory depth from which on all files are packed into just one archive file. In this way you'll be able to prevent very large archive files and improve overall safety of you backup process. Compressed backup archive files may also be encrypted. If you decide on the 7Zip format, even the filenames might be hidden.

-Cleanup the target directory

After larger restructuring of your file organization, a lot of files in the backup target directory don't have corresponding source files anymore. Using the cleanup function of Back4Sure you can easily remove those orphaned files from the target directory.

-Logging of the backup process

All activities performed during backup could be logged into a basic text file. You may choose between two different formats of the log file: either an simple to read version or version in ini format optimized for automated evaluation.

-Running activities before and after the backup

It's possible for you to specify activities to execute before and after the backup process, e.g. running programs or scipts or sending a mail with the log file of the just finished backup job.

-Shutting down the computer after backup

Back4Sure might be instructed to shutdown the computer after all backup tasks have finished.

-Creating desktop computer links to backup jobs

You can easily develop a desktop link to a backup job from inside the program, from which the backup job could be directly started by simply double clicking it.

-Support for command line parameters

Back4Sure supports some useful command line parameters. This provides the possibility to control Back4Sure via scripts as well as allows completely automated execution.

-Portable use or fixed installation

Aside from the standard setup file for a fixed installation, a zipped version for use from a USB drive is, in addition, available.

-No backup scheduler

Why is this a feature? Well, Back4sure can be completely controlled via command line parameters so that you can easily use the built-in task scheduler from Windows. So you save another unnecessary background service.

Back4Sure awards
Back4Sure awards
Back4Sure awards
Back4Sure 3.7.0 (07.03.2015)
Back4Sure 3.5.4 (30.07.2013)
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