AWS SDK for Java

Immediately and easily create Java applications on top of APIs that take the complexity out of coding directly against a web service interface
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Easily and quickly create Java software on top of APIs
AWS SDK for Java review by Team on 13.03.2015
Fully equipped for seamless integration with AWS services and aiming to make the process of programming the apps less tedious, this program is well suited for building applications for Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon EC2 platforms, through the usage of the Application Programming Interfaces (API) it bundles. All the essential components, libraries and habits are a part of this toolset and there are also numerous samples to ease the development process, together with adjoining instruction manual for explaining everything in detail, with examples. Insofar as the security features are concerned, AWS SDK for Java can provide powerful encryption to maintain the code well protected. The API documentation is extensive and describes each program, with all the included interfaces, classes, exceptions, annotations and much more.

Download and install AWS SDK for Java safely and without concerns.

AWS SDK for Java highlights and features:

-Client-Side Data Encryption for Amazon S3

This easy-to-use, client-side encryption mechanism helps improve the security of storing program data in Amazon S3. Since encryption and decryption is performed client side, the private encryption keys never leave the program.

-Amazon DynamoDB Object Mapper

The DynamoDBMapper eliminates the need for program-level data conversions and custom middleware solutions by using Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) to store and recover Amazon DynamoDB data.

-Amazon S3 Transfer Manager

Through a simple API, the Amazon S3 TransferManager reaches improved throughput, functionality, and reliability by making extensive use of multi-threaded Amazon S3 multipart uploads.

-Amazon SQS Client-Side Buffering

Client-side buffering gathers and sends SQS requests in asynchronous batches, improving program and network functionality.

AWS SDK for Java awards
AWS SDK for Java awards
AWS SDK for Java awards
AWS SDK for Java 1.5.1 (21.07.2013)
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