Program for portable Win-App with an Timmer
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Hide or display your icons on desktop
AutoHideDesktopIcons review by Team on 22.11.2014
AutoHideDesktopIcons is a lightweight portable Windows application which hides both desktop icons and taskbar. This is done by settings a timer which hides desktop icons and the taskbar based on your configured time frame. It's possible for you to normalize your desktop by simply clicking anywhere on the desktop from your left, middle or right click mouse button - depending upon your configuration. AutoHideDesktopIcons minimizes to the system tray when not in use, and clicking its icon brings up a straightforward interface using a number of check boxes and radio buttons. Users can define whether they want the application to start with Windows, always start minimized, always be on top, or to hide the taskbar; this is also where you can easily disable AutoHideDesktopIcons if desired. There are a lot of other parameters that are configurable also in order to hide the Taskbar, start the application with Windows, keep it minimized to Tray or disable its engine. The application doesn't influence system performance in any manner and it functions smoothly on all Windows version, without even asking for system administrator privileges on Windows 7 workstations. AutoHideDesktopIcons comes as a ZIP file, and it is accessible after extraction with no need for installation. Simply run it, click "To-Tray", and wait. Within five seconds your desktop icons will vanish. When you need them, left click the desktop and they will return. Simple. There's no help guide contained in the package, but the user friendly approach takes care of everything. AutoHideDesktopIcons is the ideal software solution which allows you to quickly enjoy the attractiveness of a clean desktop. It automatically hides the desktop icons using a group of user-defined options and comes with all the essential features to appeal to both rookies and more experienced users.

Download and install AutoHideDesktopIcons safely and without concerns.
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Important updates to the language files
Small fixes in the desktop icons hide tool
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AutoHideDesktopIcons user interface supports the following languages:

German, English
AutoHideDesktopIcons awards
AutoHideDesktopIcons awards
AutoHideDesktopIcons awards
AutoHideDesktopIcons 4.01 (12.05.2020)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.91 (27.03.2020)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.88 (30.10.2019)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.83 (03.09.2019)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.81 (31.07.2019)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.77 (28.06.2019)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.71 (09.06.2019)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.66 (28.04.2019)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.61 (20.02.2019)
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.55 (06.02.2019)
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