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Powerful, feature-rich and user-friendly word processor.
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Powerful and efficient word processo
Atlantis Word Processor review by Team on 13.03.2015
Atlantis Word Processor is a economical, affordable, yet feature-packed word processing program which functions as an excellent alternative to paid-for programs such as Microsoft Word, Works or Corel Office. Offering a reasonably similar group of features as Microsoft Word, this program provides you with access to numerous features by one-click buttons on the key program window. Fairly strong autocorrect features allow you to keep from making the strange spelling mistake, and automatically hyphenates words (or allows you to select when) in a justified file. The "power type" feature,automatically completes words for you, or gives you the ability to select from a list of words the database thinks you are typing. Furthermore, you can change character case as well as the language, make file organizations, install Atlantis Word Processor on a removable drive, reconfigure program shortcuts and customize toolbars, along with use tools like spellcheck, autocorrect and hyphenation. Documents can be saved with the RTF, DOC, DOCX, COD and TXT formats. From the "Options" area you'll be able to disable Atlantis Word Processor from creating a brand new document at startup, customize the special symbols viewing mode, save the cursor location, change the color scheme and also make the tool underline misspellings. Atlantis is much more than simply a mythical tale of riches under the sea -it's a strong word processing system that will allow you to create your own tall tales that seem amazing, also.

Download and install Atlantis Word Processor safely and without concerns.

Atlantis Word Processor highlights and features:

Alternative of typeface, font size, font color

Bold, italic, underline, strikeout, double strikeout, superscript, subscript, small caps, all caps, shadow, outline, emboss, engrave

17 underline styles with custom underline colour

Character spacing, scaling, kerning, vertical offset

Completely customizable tab stops

Left/right paragraph indent, first line indent and score

Spacing before/after paragraph, 6 types of interline spacing

Keep with next paragraph, keep intact, page break before, widow/orphan control

Atlantis Word Processor Languages
Atlantis Word Processor user interface supports the following languages:

Atlantis Word Processor awards
Atlantis Word Processor awards
Atlantis Word Processor awards
Atlantis Word Processor (17.02.2020)
Atlantis Word Processor 3.3.3 (15.01.2020)
Atlantis Word Processor 3.3.2 (21.10.2019)
Atlantis Word Processor 3.3.1 (04.10.2019)
Atlantis Word Processor (18.09.2019)
Atlantis Word Processor 3.3 (12.09.2019)
Atlantis Word Processor 3.2.14 (25.08.2019)
Atlantis Word Processor (10.07.2019)
Atlantis Word Processor (29.06.2019)
Atlantis Word Processor (30.04.2019)
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