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Real-time spell check
Asutype review by Team on 13.03.2015
Asutype is a smart Operating System-level real-time spell check and speed typing software that works with your keyboard to increase your typing accuracy and productivity. The application is actually able to "adapt itself" to your typing habits and "learn" from its own mistakes, and as a result, the application will become smarter each time you use it. How Does Asutype Work? While running, Asutype is continuously watching your typing in all programs. It watches out for mistakes and fixes them automatically Asutype watches out for mistakes and fixes them automatically Errors that Asutype detects and manages include: Mistyping when you hit a wrong key Uncapitalized names and sentences Accidental usage of the Capslock key TWo INitial CApitals errors All other general misspellings In case the error is well recognized because you've made it before, Asutype will correct it instantly and automatically like it had never happened. In case the error is unrecognized because this really is the first time you've made it, Asutype will flag it, keep track of it and learn it so it could be fixed the next time you make it. By learning and adjusting to your own typing pattern, Asutype becomes your own personalized typing assistant who knows the best way to correct your mistakes automatically to save you time and effort. This is possible because you don't have to stop typing and go back to correct mistakes yourself.

Download and install Asutype safely and without concerns.

Asutype highlights and features:

-Catch errors anywhere-On-Line, off-line, in dialog boxes, in console windows, you name it. No more errors slipping into your text undetected

-Correct mistakes automatically-Capitalize sentences, fix Capslock errors, autocorrect common mistakes. You don't need to stop typing and go back to fix mistakes yourself

-Accommodate, learn and grow smarter-Your keyboard habits and typing style are exceptional. We understand, so we designed Asutype to learn and adjust to you personally and grow to be your personalized typing assistant.

-Automatic word and phrase expansion-Add a commonly used phrase or boilerplate text anywhere simply by typing a much shorter related abbreviation. You save fantastic time and reduce wrist strain

-No shortcut memorization needed-Follow a consistent expansion rule of your choice and type by instinct any abbreviation which you feel is appropriate. No need to memorize any shortcuts. If it's not there yet, you can define it on the fly

-Powerful macros included-Insert date/time, control windows and programs, launch program, send keystrokes and mouse clicks to other windows. You're in control! Everything is at your fingertips, literally.

-Smart and adaptive expansion content-Personalize expansion content to use the same text for different situations. Create reusable document templates with simple check boxes and multiple options. Reduce memorization even more

-Automate everyday computer tasks-Don't do manually what a computer can do automatically! You work smarter, get things done more quickly, thus creating additional time to do other important or interesting things

-Smart multi-clipboard use-Stop switching back and forth between windows when copying multiple text snippets! Use the included multi-clipboard power to copy and paste all of them at exactly the same time. Smart, simple and effective

-Multilingual prepared-Catch errors, correct mistakes on the fly and expand text in a number of languages simultaneously. Simply write in your language and Asutype will understand automatically

-Pack and unpack data-Backup data in a smart way: freeze a snap shot of your working condition into an individual file prepared to transfer or copy with a single click. You'll love this unique and revolutionary characteristic

-Run from USB-Need Asutype on the move? Wish to run it without installation? Simply copy the software to an USB, plug it into a computer and run it from there. It's that simple

-Information-sharing prepared-would like to share the same files between your multiple computers, or between multiple users of your working group? It's already there and supported from the box. No separate server or special version needed.

-Multi-grade configuration-need to enforce common settings between your working group (e.g. use the same dictionary or expansion list), while still giving individual freedom to customize? As a result of Asutype's multi-grade configuration, you now can

-Genuinely advanced-Many features of Asutype are exceptional (e.g. global error highlighting, learning and accommodating, packing and unpacking etc.) that you cannot find elsewhere. And we'll try our best to keep them coming genuinely.

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