Mouse wheel over any inactive window. So you save a couple of clicks.
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Mouse wheel over any inactive window
AlwaysMouseWheel review by Team on 17.02.2015
AlwaysMouseWheel is a simple and easy-to-use tool which allows you to make use of the scroll wheel through file content and get all the folders and directories which aren't in the foreground. The program includes a helpful interface and although it offers you minimalistic features and options, you are able to bring the background window to the front when you scroll over it. Since an setup process is not needed,you can take the program around on a removable drive and put it to use on any computer. The main window shows two fundamental options which allow you to bring the window to the foreground, using just the mouse wheel. It may appear that the utility does not cover your needs, but it is a helpful application when you must do lots of work that includes switching between windows. What is more, the interface offers you a check box option that allows you to enable or disable the program and select whether or not to start the utility at Windows startup. If you press the Close button, AlwaysMouseWheel is going to be minimized to the system tray menu and it will stay inactive until the next use. Nevertheless, you can set the program to always start minimized and work in the background.

Download and install AlwaysMouseWheel safely and without concerns.

AlwaysMouseWheel highlights and features:

- Brings the wheel window to the foreground.

- Send scroll commands to windows in the background

- [Alt   left mouse button] to move the windows by dragging

- [Alt   right mouse button] to alter the windows size

- Volume control when the mouse wheel on the taskbar

AlwaysMouseWheel Change info
Small adjustments and improvements for Windows 10, version 1909 and 1903
Important update of the language files in the Always-Mouse-Wheel
AlwaysMouseWheel Languages
AlwaysMouseWheel user interface supports the following languages:

German, English
AlwaysMouseWheel awards
AlwaysMouseWheel awards
AlwaysMouseWheel awards
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.41 (26.12.2019)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.33 (01.10.2019)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.31 (05.09.2019)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.27 (07.08.2019)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.25 (23.06.2019)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.25 (23.06.2019)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.21 (03.05.2019)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.17 (05.02.2019)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.15 (31.12.2018)
AlwaysMouseWheel 4.14 (06.11.2018)
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