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Advanced Uninstaller PRO is advanced Uninstaller PRO.
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Uninstall any program without leaving a trace
Advanced Uninstaller PRO review by Team on 08.03.2015
Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a software which could assist you to optimize your personal computer by uninstalling applications and repairing the Windows registry keys. With this tool you will have the possibility of repairing damaged entries, uninstalling toolbars, removing fonts, erasing the navigation history, removing duplicate applications, etc. The groups included in Advanced Uninstaller are: - "General" you will find utilities to uninstall, clean shortcuts, manage fonts, internet tools along with a fast cleaner. - "Folders and Files" with utilities to search for duplicate files, temporary files and others. - "Internet Browsers". Because they are applications which are so complete and commonly used, a few optimization tools always come in handy. - "Registry" the Windows registry cleaning, defragmentation, and scanning tools are all in this group. - "Extra" is that group in which you will be able to locate a variety of programs for your system. In the "General Tools" tab, you can uninstall applications (and use a search function), start an installation monitor, configure applications which automatically run at system startup, start a "Services Manager", as well as run a fast cleaner on your web browsers, Recycle Bin, Run history, recent documents and temp files. You may also hide, reveal, sort and clean items in the start menu, remove fonts and manage "Control Panel". Moreover, you can search for duplicate files, apply live file compression, use a shredder to delete files beyond recovery and access Internet browser applications (browsing history, cookie manager, addons, temporary Internet files). Additionally, you can clean, optimize, backup and restore the Windows registry entries, view reports on installed applications, installation logs, startup apps, services and fonts, as well as configure an automatic scheduler and create shortcuts to specific applications. The "File & Folder Tools" group includes tools which let you search duplicate files, a file shredder, a file compression program and Windows temporary Files cleaner. The "Internet Browser Tools" section lets you have complete control over all of the Internet Explorer's and Mozilla Firefox settings and components: history, cookies, ActiveX controls, context menus, toolbars, plugins, temporary files, visited Web pages. It's possible for you to add/remove items as well as enable or disable them. The "Registry Tools" section includes three Registry utilities: the Registry Cleaner which checks for errors and invalid entries in the registry and fixes all the detected problems; the registry Optimizer which defragments your registry and enhances your computer's overall performance ands prevent registry and file corruption; the registry Backup/Restore is quite a useful tool which protects your registry from damage. It's possible for you to save your registry before making any changes to it. In case something bad happens, you can restore the backup files and you are off the hook.

Download and install Advanced Uninstaller PRO safely and without concerns.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO highlights and features:

Uninstall applications from "General Tools" tab

Setup monitor watches for new installations

StartUp Manager allows and disallows applications from starting on boot

Full control over Windows Services

Fast Cleaner cleans registry of uninstalled software

Start menu cleaner removes uninstalled applications still listed

Font manager removes uninstalled fonts

Disable or enable control panel items

Advanced Uninstaller PRO awards
Advanced Uninstaller PRO awards
Advanced Uninstaller PRO awards
Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.21 (05.10.2013)
Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.17 (16.02.2013)
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