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nables you to automate tasks for example scan site, build sitemap and FTP sitemap upload
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Create HTML, RSS and XML web site sitemaps
A1 Sitemap Generator review by Download.hr Team on 08.03.2015
A1 Sitemap Generator boasts rich template support for generating sitemaps and near-endless scanning options. The scanning engine stores vast quantities of information so that you can, among other things, see full report on broken and redirected links (wherefrom and whereto). This information is e.g. used when generating Google XML sitmaps (e.g. when defining priority). Create all types of sitemaps including text, HTML, RSS and XML using our sitemapper tool. It is simple to use, yet highly configurable when you really need it. It's possible for you to make HTML sitemaps completely customizable with multiple columns and pages using the HTML sitemap generator. The XML sitemap builder can calculate priority values for all pages in your web site when creating the XML sitemap. It's possible for you to automate and schedule the entire process of creating sitemaps: Scan web site, create sitemaps, create robots.txt, upload sitemaps and ping search engines to inform them about updated XML sitemaps. Command line is supported too. Create Sitemaps of Any Website -Build multi page and multi-column HTML sitemaps. Edit or use your own HTML sitemap templates to customize the layout and code. -Scan web sites from multiple start paths, and use include and exclude filters to control which web site URLs are contained in sitemaps. -Crawl all kinds of websites including static, shopping carts, blogs, forums, newsgroups etc. found on the internet, localhost or local computer. -Change root path when building sitemaps. This is useful if you scan a website on localhost instead of the live web version. -Create opimized and whole XML sitemaps using sitemap dividing and GZip compression. The integrated FTP client lets you upload the created sitemaps to a dedicated server for safe keeping. Instead, you can bypass this step and save all of the information on your personal computer. A1 Sitemap Generator supplies multiple scanning options, enabling you to get XML and RSS sitemaps in minimum time. Its tab-based interface acts much like a wizard, guiding you through all of the steps required in order to generate a whole sitemap. The most significant sitemaps you can create: XML sitemaps protocol: Ping Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN with XML sitemaps / Google sitemaps. Google mobile sitemap: Google XML sitemap for mobile phones content. Google news sitemap: Google XML sitemap for news content. Google video sitemap: Google XML sitemap for videos. Google code sitemap: Google XML sitemap for source code files. Google picture sitemap: Google XML sitemap for pictures and graphics. Google base feed: Google Base extends RSS feeds. (Only common tags are supported.) RSS sitemap feed: RSS feed files use XML and frequently used for blog and forum websites. ROR sitemap feed: ROR sitemaps extends RSS feeds with more information. ASP.net web sitemap: ASP.Net website navigation and menu controls use Web.sitemap files. Text sitemap: Sitemap URL list format used by some search engines, e.g. Google and Yahoo. HTML sitemap: Many websites use HTML sitemaps as a navigation aid to visitors. HTML menu: HTML sitemap templates can also create URL lists for Javascript and CSS menus.

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A1 Sitemap Generator awards
A1 Sitemap Generator awards
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A1 Sitemap Generator 10.1.0 (28.09.2019)
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A1 Sitemap Generator 9.3.3 (01.02.2019)
A1 Sitemap Generator 9.3.2 (09.12.2018)
A1 Sitemap Generator 9.3.1 (19.10.2018)
A1 Sitemap Generator 9.3.0 (08.10.2018)
A1 Sitemap Generator 9.1.0 (06.08.2018)
A1 Sitemap Generator 9.0.0 (08.02.2018)
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