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Internet / FTP Clients

Simple and basic FTP client
32bit FTP review by Download.hr Team on 16.02.2015
With 32bit FTP you will be sending files to and receiving files from a large number of FTP sites all over the world in a couple of minutes from now with this full featured FTP application. The multi-panel interface is the one that helps you easily start a download or an upload, however a major setback is the fact that drag and drop support does not exist which means users have no other alternative than to double click a file or use the built in features developed particularly in this regard. The setup window adopts the same cluttered layout, but you are still allowed to set up FTP session options and file transfer modes. One of many good things about 32bit FTP is that it runs in the background without slowing down the system, while working smoothly on all Windows versions. It can do the common FTP operations, including copy, delete and rename. A number of businesses have a free FTP server that you can login to and download free software applications. Simply logon to the FTP host using FTP or anonymous as your username. No password is required. Now that your FTP client is connected to their FTP port, you can do FTP downloads, and in lots of situations you can do an FTP upload to specific directories. 32bit FTP is a simple method to upload or download files to or from a FTP server.

Download and install 32bit FTP safely and without concerns.
32bit FTP Change info
Works on all versions of Windows. Sizeable. Support passive (PASV) mode and all firewall logons. Fast ASCII transfer Option. Optional ToolTip help for beginners. ToolTips.
32bit FTP Requirements
Windows and Internet Connection
32bit FTP Languages
32bit FTP user interface supports the following languages:

32bit FTP awards
32bit FTP awards
32bit FTP awards
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32bit FTP 13.11.01 (08.11.2013)
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32bit FTP 13.07.01 (16.07.2013)
32bit FTP 13.04.01 (04.04.2013)
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