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Extract fax and phone numbers
1st Fax Extractor review by Download.hr Team on 11.01.2015
The 1st Fax Extractor (FE) is a professional targeted fax number and phone number extractor program. With 1st FE, you can rapidly and easily set up your own company fax number and phone number lists. Then you will own the powerful customers group and be strong competition to your company opponents. The 1st FE is made to collect phone numbers and fax number matching your query. Simply type your keywords, 1st FE will spider the Internet and extract fresh fax numbers and phone numbers that you actually need. The URL address that it can spider include any html, CGI, PHP, ASP page etc. The supported search engines include the majority of the main search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Lycos, Excite etc. The spider speed is up to 300 fax numbers or phone numbers per minute now. Besides to spider fax number and telephone number, 1st FE can also help you to validate, organize, and manage fax numbers and phone numbers found. It is a necessity for people who wish to collect substantial quantities fax numbers and phone numbers, and target your marketing for your product, website, or business conveniently and economically. 1st Fax Extractor can help you validate, organize, and manage fax numbers and phone numbers found on the Internet.

Download and install 1st Fax Extractor safely and without concerns.

1st Fax Extractor highlights and features:

- Supports to search Fax and(or) Phone numbers at exactly the same time.

- Multi threaded program, which can use furthest of your computer abilities. Enables up to 500 number extractions thread simultaneously. The standard spider speed can up to be 1000 Fax/Phone numbers per minute. Using a new algorithm to enhance the search speed, the quickest speed is up to 10 times than other software in the industry.

- Support the majority of the main search engine like google, Bing, Yahoo etc. And in order to improve spider speed and targeted exact rate, we have tried our best to optimize the page parsing process of all search engines that our system supports.

- Automatically check if a URL is active or not. And automatically ignore all the bad URLs. Automatically remove duplicate URL addresses and do not search them again.

- Real time display the URL found, URL processing, Fax/Phone numbers extracted, search duration time etc.

- Professional User Interface. Very easy to use.

- Automatically remove duplicate Fax/Phone numbers.

- Has advanced filter, can search numbers by specified language, country, geographic area, area code, domain name

- Supports Unicode, can search keywords for any languages in the world (Middle East, East Asian languages and so on) and more..

- Supports load search keywords from file, can search multi keywords at one time, can export search results by each keyword separately.

- Supports load search URLs from file, can search multi URLs at one time.

- Supports to save search result(numbers) to Text, CSV, TSV and Microsoft Excel files.Supports to export result with related keyword, web url, web page

1st Fax Extractor Change info
increase search speed
1st Fax Extractor Requirements
PIII 1GHz or higher, At least 10 MB of free disk space
1st Fax Extractor Languages
1st Fax Extractor user interface supports the following languages:

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1st Fax Extractor awards
1st Fax Extractor awards
1st Fax Extractor 8.75 (19.10.2019)
1st Fax Extractor 8.60 (17.11.2018)
1st Fax Extractor 8.52 (19.11.2017)
1st Fax Extractor 8.48 (19.05.2017)
1st Fax Extractor 8.47 (16.04.2017)
1st Fax Extractor 8.45 (02.04.2017)
1st Fax Extractor 8.44 (01.08.2016)
1st Fax Extractor 8.43 (26.02.2016)
1st Fax Extractor 8.21 (08.02.2016)
1st Fax Extractor 8.19 (02.02.2016)
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