Spartan Programmable Clipboard Manager Reviews
Added: 20.05.2013 10:06, User: JohnTurnbull
Reviewed version: 8.19
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Good product  

Best thing since sliced bread!
Added: 20.02.2017 12:49, User: Fred
Reviewed version: 16.00
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Of all the clipboard managers, Spartan offers the greatest collection of specialty clipboard processing. For example, you can have clips you copy from Windows automatically combined into a single clip as you copy. You can have a single clip that pastes multiple items into separate cells in a spread sheet. You can have text you copy automatically injected into predefined phrases. You can edit and annotate screen shots. You can even paste text into old DOS programs! The real strength of Spartan lies in how quickly and easily you can find the clip you want. All the other clipboard managers present clips in a scrollable list. Spartan presents them in a spread sheet like grid so you can see up to 500 clips without scrolling.