ShixxNOTE Reviews
Best sticky notes program if you need sending notes over you network (LAN messenger)
Added: 25.09.2019 08:19, User: Josip Matrljan
Reviewed version: ShixxNOTE Build 140
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If you need program in your company where you have network installed on few floors then this is the program for keeping your reminders, to do list, etc. But in this program you have LAN messenger, for example you want to call 6 of your co-worker on meeting in conference room and they computers are located on different floors but you can see them in your network then ShixxNOTE is best solution for you. Because it is also network enabled desktop sticky notes program (LAN messenger). You can enter in note recipient list all 6 co-workers and send them note for meeting in the same moment. You click send note and program will send note to all of them, also they will receive exactly same colorful note as you created it.