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It's effective at blocking and the 12 anti-virus engines help a lot in deciding. Fast & lightweight.
Added: 16.06.2015 03:09, User: SecureAPlus
Reviewed version: 3.3.5
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Multi-scanners are not new but it's not very often that you find multi-antivirus scanners that can scan you in real time. While it has less scanners than say Virus Total, SecureAPlus does do the scanning for your entire system automatically with 12 engines from the cloud, which by the way includes Avira, AVG, and BitDefender which are very good scanners. I also like the very fast 1-minute scans, not the initial one though as mine took hours but became really fast after that. And the real value here is their whitelisting which blocks anything you don't trust yet by default and allows you to decide. It's more than just a blocker since it uses the 12 AV engines to help you decide if a file is harmful. The 2 biggest value here are that it's free and that you can install it with other anti-viruses. The free 1-year license is easy to extend (I just facebook share regularly).

12 Anti-Virus Scanner 1-Minute Scan Effective Blocker Easy to do Whitelisting Free 1-Year License Easy mechanism to extend free license
The first scan after installing takes awhile (mine took hours) Offline scanning is not as fast Interface can be improved