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Never Received The Software
Added: 25.10.2017 04:48, User: Spanky
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Unfortunately, I never receive the software. I went to the web site and ordered what I thought was the Mac version, and placed it in my cart. However, I wanted to think about it and I did not complete the purchase at that time. The next day I received an email from Leawo offering a discount and a link to complete my purchase. I used the link and bought the software. I received another email with a link to download the software and thats when I realized that I had the Windows version in error. I sent an email to Leawo support and stated I just wanted the correct version (Mac) of the software. Their reply was sorry we can't do that you ordered the Windows version, no replacement or refund, they suggested that I "give it to a friend". I'm sorry, I used the link they provided to complete my purchase so I believe they have some responsibility for me receiving the wrong software. I strongly suggest you avoid this company!