Flip PDF Professional Reviews
An easy-to-use yet customizeable piece of software.
Added: 23.03.2014 23:26, User: Bryton
Reviewed version: 3.10.7
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After testing many of the other options out there, I think Flip PDF is by far the best. It's easy-to-use, yet has lots of advanced options available should you choose to tweak it. The output files are of great quality, and the page flipping animation is very smooth. The wizard is very simple, but has the drop-down boxes with advanced settings, which include everything from hardback simulation to page flipping speed to background images. As long as you're not searching for a 3D page flip solution, this product is by far the best to choose.

-Easy to use -Plenty of advanced options -Great output quality
-Does not offer 3D simulation (which it's not meant for anyway)
good to ok
Added: 15.05.2019 19:40, User: chavda prashant
Reviewed version: 1.2.3.
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good to ok nice chavda