File Renamer Reviews
A very useful tool
Added: 19.09.2015 16:55, User: Vincent Smith
Reviewed version: 4 for MAC
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I've only used this software twice, and each time it was so I could rename large batches of files from (example) .doc files to .odt files. This allows the converted files to be read on any operating system by using and/or NeoOffice. (Don't know about LibreOffice.) As a newbie to it, I found it did not save the files to the folder I expected it to, and this was although I had created a new folder on an external drive and tried to get it to use that as the destination for the converted files. As yet, I have not been able to work out how to do this, but when the conversion had finished it was clear from the resulting page, that the process worked. I just am not sure where the files are! A pathway was shown, but it did not have enough information in it to show where the files were. If I can experiment a bit more and find out, I shall let people know. If anyone else has managed to do this please let ME know! It has all the appearances of being great software, but more guides