Evernote Reviews
A SUPERIOR program that enables me to remain TOTALLY organized in everyway. I tell all 2 get it.
Added: 09.08.2014 21:27, User: Ruth Gray
Reviewed version: 5.5.3
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I rate this SUPERIOR. It is the BEST organizational tool ever. I constantly tell everyone I know about its many features and to get it and use it. I love this as much as I do my Note 3 smartphone. This keeps EVERY aspect of my busy life in order. Love that info is synced(this saves so much time) and the MANY ways that info can be input. Thanks so much for this software

I love that it's available and all of its functions.
My life is now in Evernote
Added: 04.02.2015 10:18, User: Biro Bitterio
Reviewed version: 5.8.3
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I love Evernote, I have work and personal notes. It has great structure and the fact you can access it from a desktop client, a tablet or smart phone app or even on the web makes it very accessible.