CudaText Reviews
Superb open-source code editor with a plethora of powerful features
Added: 01.06.2020 10:22, User: Jon Harri
Reviewed version: 1.100
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This editor definitely looks and feels like the open source community's answer to SublimeText. It's a programmer's editor as opposed to a fully-blown IDE (of which I am not a great fan, not least because they tend to be slow and bloated). CudaText sports all the usual buzzwords and high-level features a powerful programmer's editor should offer: full column editing, multiple carets, regular expressions throughout, code folding, multiple buffers and tabs, speed, fully configurable menus and keyboard shortcuts, keyboard macros, a fully-blown Python3-based plugin system (with hundreds of plugins ranging from easier stuff like VIM emulation or sessions to more complex things like spell-checking and project managing).

CudaText works on many platforms including MacOS, Windows, various Linux distros, Solaris as well as Free-, Net- and OpenBSD. It supports text snippets, various line-endings, more character encodings than I care for, lexers and autocompletion for HTML, CS
If CudaText is so great, are there any downsides? Yes, there are. Because it's such a beast of an editor, getting to know it and its many features is not something done in two minutes. More importantly, having it configured to one's liking is not trivial