ContaCam Reviews
I've been using for over 5 years; I am a consultant and regularly recommend setup for clients.
Added: 12.02.2018 20:55, User: AJ Lebeau
Reviewed version: Version 7.0.0
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Absolutely nothing wrong with this product; what more can you POSSIBLY ask for from Freeware? My only problem as of late is that RTSP is supported natively without conversion with VLC Player, but can't get it to work with Amcrest IPM722S, have reverted back to older vlm_conf.txt entry, but often VLC overloads and drops frames here and there. Upgrade to 7.5 yields multiple issues, first of which "Contacam cannot start web server" and rolled back to 7.0 version after much research and no resolution. I guess I will have to submit a support ticket to better understand this technology; I am an IT Professional for 23 years, but NOT with cameras and associated protocols. BEST PRODUCT EVER THOUGH!! I WILL GET IT TO WORK!! A.J. Lebeau Computer Network Systems Administrator/Engineer M.C.S.E., M.C.P. + I., M.C.P., CompTIA+

Extraordinary User Intuitive Graphic User Interface, and for most cameras it's a snap!! Allows you to use your computer or attached Storage as NVR with screenshots that are active for "Quickly Reviewing Recorded Streams" when used with motion detection.
RTSP Cameras are cheap and thus prolific; sure would be nice if they were as easily utilized/recognized as other cameras that Contacam seems to pickup effortlessly and like magic!!