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ThesesAssistDrawer 1.3.1
Listed on: 20.11.2015
ThesesAssistDrawer 1.3.1
Listed on: 20.11.2015
File size: 7.54 MB
Release status: Minor Update
Changes in version:
Improved the user interface, and fixed some bugs.
ThesesAssistDrawer 1.3
Listed on: 05.11.2015
File size: 7.68 MB
Release status: Major Update
Changes in version:
Added four new features, and fixed four bugs.
ThesesAssistDrawer 1.2
Listed on: 04.05.2015
File size: 6.21 MB
Release status: New Release
Changes in version:
1. The location linked by the cross-reference inserted by this tool, might be wrong. Bug Fixed.
2. When the check button 'Auto Insert Recorded C.R.' is checked in the 'Settings' dialog box, it might be influenced negtively a little bit to type English texts in Word. Bug Fixed.
3. Other small bugs.