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Perfect Player 1.0.7
Listed on: 12.10.2014
Perfect Player 1.0.7
Listed on: 12.10.2014
File size: 62.6 MB
Release status:
Changes in version:
Project now has its home! Home page link changed to
Show backgound image when not playing.
New splash with dark background.
Added playback options settings in channels table popup menu (deinterlace,
aspect ratio, zoom) to make video settings to all selected channels.
Close OSD command (???backspace??? key) and hide media list (???c??? key) doesn???t close media list when not playing.
Added tvg-name tag parsing at provider???s playlist loading.
Improved comma parsing in m3u playlists.
Plugin updated (videos descriptions parsing improved).
Added played URLs history (for plugins videos and local files):
Starting videos from last stopped time.
Show last played progress line in media lists (as bars under filenames).
Show watched videos status with special icon image (with the EYE).
Auto remove old (4 weeks) entries from playedURLs.xml.