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Windows 10's growth continues

Windows 10 in July saw continued user share growth

Windows 10 posted its 3rd strong month of growth in a row in July, putting it on track to overtake the veteran Windows 7 by November.

According to Net Applications, Windows 10 added nine-tenths of a percentage point in July, posting a user share of 36.6% of all desktop computers and 41.4% of those running Windows. (The 2nd number is always bigger than the first since Windows never powers 100% of all PCs; in July, it ran 88.4% of the world's systems.).

July's increase was the 3rd consecutive month that Windows 10 added near to a percentage point of user share. Over the May-July stretch, Windows 10 got 2.8 points. That was the biggest three-month increase since the November 2017-January 2018 period, when the OS grew by 5 points.

Windows 10 user share's gains as result of moving from older operating systems, especially Windows 7, which will fall out of support in mid-January 2020 - less than 18 months from now. When unsupported, Windows 7 will no longer get security updates to patch vulnerabilities, exposing the OS, devices that run it, and the data on those devices, to attack, exploitation and data theft.

Windows 7 shed half a percentage point in July, slipping to 41.2% of all desktop computers and 46.6% of those running Windows. That decrease was the 3rd biggest in the previous 6 months, a stretch when the OS essentially held its ground, refusing to release its grip on corporate PCs in particular.