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Windows 10 build 18234 is out

Microsoft has released build 18234 and here are the most important changes

Microsoft To-Do gets ink support!
Added support for handwritten input to allow you to capture your tasks seamlessly in Microsoft To-Do

Sticky Notes 3.0
Sticky Notes 3.0 brings lots of amazing new features and capabilities like Sync (& backup) your notes across your Windows devices, support for assistive technologies and Narrator etc.

Snip & Sketch upgrade
You’ll now find options to “Snip now”, “Snip in 3 seconds”, and “Snip in 10 seconds”. If you have the app open or pinned to your taskbar, you can also just right click the icon in the taskbar to get these options, since Microsoft have added them to the jump list.

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC:
The dark theme File Explorer
Fixed the issue where logging out of your user profile or shutting down your PC would cause the PC to bugcheck (GSOD).
Emoji Panel now supports search and tooltips for the Emoji 11 emoji that were added recently
Fixed an issue where explorer.exe would crash if you were in Tablet Mode and opened Task View while in portrait orientation.
Fixed an issue where the app icons in Task View might appear slightly blurry on high DPI devices.
Fixed an issue where on narrow devices activities in Timeline might slightly overlap the scrollbar.
Fixed an issue where you might unexpectedly get an error saying no supported app is installed, after clicking certain activities in Timeline, even though a supported app was installed.
Fixed issue where Taskbar background could become transparent when changing graphics device.
Fixed an issue resulting in pinning to app icons to the taskbar taking longer than usual recently.
Fixed an issue where after setting a pin and removing it, the option to setup a pin from the lock screen could get stuck as the default login method, rather than the login screen remembering your preferred login method.
Fixed an issue resulting in New button in Snip & Sketch not working.
Fixed an issue resulting in Notepad’s “Search with Bing” feature searching for “10 10” instead of “10 + 10” if that was the search query.
Fixed an issue where Ctrl + 0 to reset the zoom level in Notepad wouldn’t work if the 0 was typed from a keypad.
Fixed a recent issue resulting in an increase in the amount of time taken to open large files in Notepad when word wrap was enabled.
Thanks for everyone that’s shared feedback about naming the tabs you’ve set aside in Microsoft Edge. We’re evaluating the right approach for this feature and in the meantime it has been removed.
Fixed an issue where downloading a big file in Microsoft Edge would stop at the 4gb mark.
Fixed an issue where clicking the “more” button in Microsoft Edge’s inline definition pop up when reading in recent flights would open a blank pane.
Fixed an issue where items in Microsoft Edge’s Settings and More menu would become truncated when the option to increase text size was enabled in Settings.
Fixed an issue where using Find on page in Microsoft Edge didn’t highlight/select the current instance of the result.
Fixed an issue where after resetting Microsoft Edge saved favorites would get stuck showing a star next to the favorite name rather than populating the website’s favicon (if available).
Fixed an issue where text copied from certain websites in Microsoft Edge couldn’t be pasted into other UWP apps.
Fixed an issue that could result in the contents of the Microsoft Edge window becoming offset from its window frame.
Fixed an issue resulting in the spellchecking menu appearing in the wrong place when you right-clicked on a misspelled word in Microsoft Edge.
Fixed an issue for Insiders using Windows 10 in S Mode recently resulting opening Word from a Word Online document not working.
Fixed an issue impacting Teams resulting all unsent typed text disappearing following the completion of an emoji composition (for example being turned into a smiley).
Fixed an issue where nearby sharing would become blocked on the sender device after canceling share to three different devices.
Fixed an issue resulting in the nearby sharing section of the Share UI not being visible for some users despite being enabled.
Fixed an issue in recent flights where components of a notification with a progress bar (like the one when using nearby sharing) might flash every time the progress bar updated.
Fixed an issue from recent builds resulting in share target windows (aka the app you select when prompted from the Share UI) not closing when you pressed Alt+F4 or the X.
Fixed an issue resulting in a decrease in Start reliability over the last few flights.
Fixed an impactful race condition in recent flights resulting in Cortana crashing when launching tips and doing web searches.
Fixed an issue where right-clicking the desktop and expanding the New subsection of the context menu took longer than usual recently.
Fixed the issue causing Office in the Store to fail to launch with an error about a .dll not being designed to run on Windows on PCs running in S Mode.
Fixed an issue where, when installing a font for a single user (rather than installing as admin “for all users”), the install would fail with an unexpected error saying that the file was not a valid font file.
Fixed an issue where non-admin local users would get an error saying that updating the security questions for their account required admin permissions.
Fixed a recent issue where color and wallpaper settings weren’t correctly applied after a system upgrade when migration was done in offline mode.
Fixed an issue resulting in the amount of time it took to launch Settings having noticeably increased recently.
Fixed an issue where if Settings was open to “Bluetooth & Other Devices” and then minimized to the taskbar, when you tried to resume the app Settings would crash.
Fixed an issue from recent builds where the first time you manually selected the date in Date & Time Settings, it would revert to Jan 1st.
We’re updating the image size limit for clipboard history (WIN + V) from 1MB to 4MB to accommodate the potential size of full screen screenshots taken on a high-DPI devices.
Fixed an issue where when using the Chinese (Simplified) IME it would leak memory on focus switch, adding up over time.
Fixed an issue resulting in text prediction and shapewriting not working when typing in Russian using the touch keyboard.
Fixed a recent issue that could result in some flakey network connectivity (including networks stuck “identifying”, and stale network flyout connectivity state). Note, there are a variety of factors that may impact your networking experience, so if you continue to experience flakiness after upgrading to this build, please log feedback.
Thanks everyone who tried out and shared feedback about the performance visualizations we added to the game bar with Build 17692. We’re taking them offline for now to re-evaluate the best possible approach going forward and work on giving you a great gaming experience on your PC.
Fixed an issue in Narrator so when toggling a checkbox with a braille display and Narrator, the displayed state is now updated and the control information is maintained on the display.