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Why Windows is Still the Most Used Operating System in the World

Why Windows is Still the Most Used Operating System in the World

Windows up until now has always been the most used operating system that was put in PCs and laptops. Over the years, it had some great hits and some terrible disappointments like Windows Vista and Windows 8. In both cases, Microsoft decided it's time to play around with the design and the way it worked and performed. This attempt to make Windows better was a disaster. Which can only mean that what makes Windows so useful is its own never changing design. Windows 8 and Vista also had compatibility issues that cost big-name software companies millions of dollars because they could not provide the software to old and new customers.

Even though Microsoft has taken a few losses during the years, it has managed to get some success as well. The most obvious ones stand out to this day. Operating Systems like Windows XP, 7, and 10. All smooth and extremely responsive operating systems with high compatibility. Mind you, they were all released when Microsoft was under the gun for previously delivering appalling software. Microsoft does seem that they work great under pressure. For example, Windows 7 was released to combat the rating of the Vista, the same as Windows 8 with the 10.

Nevertheless, even though Microsoft has made genuinely exceptional and sometimes appalling software, it has still been the most successful OS. The Vista and 8 still managed to keep ahead of competition like the macOS, Linux, and other systems. Keeping ahead is remarkable considering systems like the Linux are free of charge and offer a lot more freedom when it comes to OS settings. Why is this? Well, there are a few reasons why Windows has managed to be a step ahead of its competition. But one thing is for sure you can always count on any OS to take a bet on MLB.


Because Windows was one of the first systems that were used in personal computers, which had a graphical interface. Most of the systems back then were terminal-like systems. All you had was text on the monitor. You would have to write commands to finish specific tasks. After Microsoft introduced OS with a graphical interface, people became hooked, and personal computers became a big part of people's lives. This OS was standardized in most PCs and laptops, so either windows or you don't have a computer. People quickly became familiar with the interface and continued to use Windows because of its functional yet straightforward graphical interface.

Support for Certain Software Applications

After growing in popularity, companies that used computers to finish specific tasks used a Windows-based server. Using Windows as a server means that office work is completed through Microsoft’s Office Suite, which offered Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Spreadsheet, etc. Furthermore, because it was the most popular, software companies and developers mainly focused on Windows and discarded the other operating systems. A lot of software was created for Windows, which people, in the end, started to use. Also, a lot of games are supported only on Windows. After a while, these software applications were made to be only compatible with Windows. The software became so focused on Windows. Companies didn't even bother to make it compatible with other OS.

When you have a Windows license, you automatically sign up for a lifetime of support, updates, security, etc. Windows, by default, automatically checks for updates every 17-22 hours. And all kinds of updates happen very frequently, and a recent figure shows that a windows update occurs every 1-6 months. People feel safe with Windows, and they do not want to bother with an out of date system that doesn't get the required changes. Even though other operating systems also get LTS (Long Term Support), it's not anywhere near as good as Microsoft's way of keeping their users safe.


All in all, this OS is the most straightforward system in the world. Linux offers millions of versions of itself, so people easily disregard it since it's too complicated. macOS, on the other hand, is a very smooth and functional operating system that supports most of the software applications that Windows supports. However, the majority of the people who use macOS are long time users, but for other people, this switch would seem meaningless. One could say that Microsoft Windows is "standardized" in the PC and laptop world.