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Spotify Now Lets You Share Music And Podcasts To Snapchat

Learn how to share music and podcasts from Spotify to Snapchat

The world's most significant music streaming app will quickly let users share their preferred music or podcasts to Snapchat. Much better late than never ever - Spotify's social media sharing alternatives have long included Instagram, Messenger, and other popular options. Snapchat is the newest to join the celebration.

Using the brand-new feature is the same similar to any other sharing choices. Just tap the three-dot share menu located on the top-right of Spotify's user interface and select Snapchat from the list. Adjust as needed, then share.

Recipients of the Snap will have the ability to tap the context card and listen to the music or podcast shared.

Apart from sharing music with good friends, this option will likewise make it possible for artists to promote their music to Snapchat, which has 203 million everyday active users, the majority of whom come from the teenager to young adult market that many Spotify artists hope to engage with