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MyDraw review

Find out is MyDraw ideal software for creating diagrams and charts

If your job requires that you create various more or less complex diagrams and drawings than you know how hard is to find good software product to make drawing easy and quick. Read why MyDraw is an excellent solution for drawing all types of charts and diagrams for different businesses and industries.

About MyDraw

MyDraw is well equipped software created for designing flowcharts, family trees, UML diagrams, hierarchy charts, mind maps, network diagrams, workflow diagrams, flyers, certificates, business diagrams, organizational charts and other types of charts and diagrams.

With list of features and with very attractive price MyDraw is a very good alternative to MS Visio. It supports import of Visio drawing files (VSD, VDX and VSDX) and export Visio drawings (VDX and VSDX). You can also take advantage of the Visio stencil import (VSX, VSS and VSSX) and use Visio shapes in your diagrams.


MyDraw is available for Windows and Mac OS. Windows installation file is around 48 MB. Installation process is simple and without many options. You will just be able to choose which file types you want to associate with MyDraw.

User interface and features

The user interface is very simple and intuitive. Main screen gives you option to open existing project or to start with new one. MyDraw really makes things easy for you by suggesting predefined popular types of charts and diagrams like: BPMN, Cause and Effect, Data Flow Diagram, Family Tree, Flowchart, Flyers and Certificates, Hierarchy Chart, Network Diagram, Organizational Chart, Workflow Diagram etc. Also, after you choose desired predefined diagram type MyDraw will offer additional examples of targeted diagram type. There is more than 100 diagram templates and examples.

Of course, if none of the predefined templates doesn’t fit your needs you can start with blank diagram.

Diagram and Chart Design window offers you user interface very similar to one found in MS Office so you won’t have any problem with creating your first diagrams. Not only that MyDraw uses the same Ribbon UI but it even has some ribbons with same or similar icons (actions).


Beside of actions positioned in ribbons you will mostly use objects found in left panel which can be drag and dropped to main panel where you can see current look of you diagram. Depending on what type of diagram you are making you can adjust shapes listed in left panel. For example, if you are creating Network shema you can choose to list Network shapes so you can quickly drag and drop shapes like server, computer, firewall etc. MyDraw includes more than 700 predefined shapes organized in 25 shape libraries. If you often need some special shapes which aren’t included in MyDraw libraries, you can create your own shape and include it in library.


MyDraw enables you to insert other useful content to your diagrams and charts. For example, you can add 1D or 2D barcodes (30 types of linear 1D and matrix 2D barcodes like EAN-13, UPC, UPC-A, Code-39, Code-128, ISBN, PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code are supported), create custom tables, insert pictures etc.

If you plan to use MyDraw for office work than spelling should be very important to you. MyDraw includes a Spell Checker which is compatible with Open Office dictionaries.

Once your diagram is ready you can also send it to an email contact from within the program.

Although for me it isn’t very important feature because I love default theme it is worth to mention that MyDraw offers few additional UI themes. You can choose between Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Classic, Mac OS Lion, Mac OS El Capitan and Nevron Light themes.

Beside in English language, user interface is available in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bulgarian and Russian.


Although MyDraw isn’t primarily a genealogy software, and there are some better apps for this purpose, it has great support for creating family tree diagrams, making it ideal for genealogy enthusiasts. It enables you to collect basic information about each family member like gender, first and last name, birth and death name. You can also add a photo.

You can also add an events like marriage and divorce.

As previously mentioned MyDraw supports export to Visio Drawing format (VSDX). Other popular formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG I BMP pictures, Scalable vector graphics (SVG), AutoCAD Drawing Interchange (DXF) are supported.



MyDraw is Microsoft Office style desktop application for creating charts and diagrams. With its features it is decent and cheaper alternative for popular Visio, and you won’t have problem with transition to MyDraw. It is very easy to use and it should be fine for most of your chart and diagram drawing needs.

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