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Linux is most vulnerable operating system

Windows 10 isn’t the most vulnerable operating system – it’s actually Linux

Which operating system has suffered the most vulnerabilities considering that around the turn of the millennium? That would be Linux, not Microsoft's Windows, at least according to a freshly released report.

An analysis of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's National Vulnerability Database, compiled by Thebestvpn.com, tracked 'technical vulnerabilities' in popular pieces of software between 1999 and 2019.

And Debian, a taste of Linux, was top of the table with 3,067 vulnerabilities over the last 20 years. Fairly close behind was Android on 2,563 vulnerabilities, with the Linux kernel in third location having actually acquired a count of 2,357. Apple's macOS was only a little behind that with 2,212, with Ubuntu in 5th put on 2,007.

All of the leading 5 places were taken by operating systems, although Firefox and Chrome filled the next two positions with 1,873 and 1,858 vulnerabilities respectively.

When it comes to Microsoft's operating systems, Windows 7 bore 1,283 vulnerabilities, and Windows 10 brought 1,111. If you include those together, you get a total of 2,394 for the past years, approximately-- given that Windows 7 came out in 2009, and handed the baton to Windows 10 in 2015.

This serves to underline that Windows security is perhaps not as unsteady as you may believe, at least historically, and undoubtedly that Linux and Mac users shouldn't be complacent.

Looking at the figures for 2019 alone, Android was the most susceptible piece of software application with 414 reported vulnerabilities, followed by Debian Linux on 360, and Windows 10 remained in 3rd location in this case with 357.